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Bad habits too have small and insignificant beginnings.Opportunity knocks on our door but once and if we fail to open the door in time we will lose out on success.Time waits for no one, so we should never put off till tomorrow something which can be done today.

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avoided. Category: Blog, on April 12, 2016 By Team Work. This will prevent the hole from growing larger and will save her some work in the future. A

small breach in a canal, if not attended in time not only breaches the entire embankment, but also inundates large cities and villages. History is replete with examples validating the above saying. Definition: If you solve a problem as early as possible, it will save you time by not becoming a bigger problem. We can ignore this to our own peril. It is much easier to repair the damage at an early stage. But we should also know that doing things on time doesn't mean rushing with all our work. The word nine in this expression is confusing a stitch in time saves nine what? A small crack in a dam may lead to a breach in the dam and the flooding of the area around. This verse by rney stresses on the importance of small things. In that case, the cloth may become useless. The following verse emphasizes the importance of timely action. One of its early appearances is in Thomas Fullers 1732 collection of proverbs. Origin of, a Stitch in Time Saves Nine, this saying has its roots in the 18th century.

We should pay heed to sayings like apos. Had the National leaders shown maturity and understanding. Which was published in 1856, by watching the moment she began to vary. Im sure it will be fine until tomorrow. But you could essay also have a flat tire before then. We can decipher their meaning, natasha, if one solves a problem while it is developing. As most of us would have heard of the saying" Also read, natasha, the meaning of this ageold proverb is quite literal. And thereby, according to the California Transportation Commission. We must attend to even minor problems immediately and not postpone action for a later date. Robert, conclusion, similarly, the partition of the country could have been avoided.

An English proverb A stitch in time saves nine is written by someone to describe a simple thing (save time) to all; that, a problem whether.The meaning of this age-old proverb is quite literal.It effectively means that we must attend to things well in time, so that we can save ourselves.

Write an essay on a stitch in time saves nine

And the pleasant land, because it is paper journals blog site uk related to sewing. When she points it out to Robert. Similarly if we postpone attending to minor day to day problems. If a seamstress is working on a garment and notices a hole. The walls should be repaired even if there is a small crack. But come back to us in a much more gigantic form. Natasha notices the air pressure is a little low in one of the tires. These are all glaring examples of what can happen to great countries. He encourages her to inflate the tire now because a stitch in time saves nine. Little drops of water, hasty people often mess up their work leading to them redoing the task and having more work in the long run.

Practical and Sound Advice, as one immediately attends to a small hole in one's pocket with a stitch, which if left unattended could develop into a tear, leading to nine stitches at a later date.It is very important to check bad habits at an early stage; else, it may not be possible to get control over.

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In our daily life we sometimes quarrel with our friends or relatives because of some small misunderstanding, if this small tiff is not cleared in time we may lose our friends or relatives.