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It may be remembered that the atmosphere is more or less transparent for incoming shortwave solar radiation but it absorbs more than 90 per cent of outgoing long-wave terrestrial radiation through water vapour, carbon dioxide, ozone etc.Find paragraphs, long and short essays on Atmosphere especially written for school students.Different layers of this sphere vary in their chemical and physical properties.

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the total atmospheric vapour is found upto the height of. Essay on the Chemistry of Earths Atmosphere. (A) Structure of Atmosphere : Depending upon the physical characteristics such as

temperature, density etc., the atmosphere is divided into five concentric layers. It may be pointed out that this temperature cannot be measured by ordinary thermometer because the gases become very light due to extremely low density. Other gases are argan, carbon dioxide, neon, helium, krypton, xenon, hydrogen etc. These synthetic chemicals are widely used as propellants in spray can dispensers, as fluids in air conditioners and refrigerators etc. The ozone layer shields all life on earth and protects it from the dangerous radiation of the sun. Climatically, water vapour is very important constituent of the atmosphere. Many gases at the parts per trillion levels (10-12v/v are entirely man-made but may still have significant effect on the environment. These particulates help in the scattering of solar radiation which adds varied charming colour of red and orange at sunrise and sunset. There are various write an essay about atmosphere factors responsible for heating of the earth. Salt particles become hygroscopic nuclei and thus help in the formation of water drops, clouds and various forms of condensation and precipitation. The chlorofluorocarbons, popularly known as CFCs, belong to the category of synthetic chemicals and are relatively simple compounds of the elements chlorine, fluorine and carbon and are initially stable compounds which do not have any toxic effect on life processes in the biosphere at ground. The quantity of different gases vary considerably with attitude. It is apparent that this amount is too low to heat the atmosphere significantly. The substance or a body which allows transfer of heat through conduction at a very fast rate is called good conductor of heat while the substance or a body which retards conduction of heat is called bad or poor conductor of heat. There is a prevalent belief that the changes man is causing to the atmospheric environment are unnatural and unhealthy. Here, the air flows mostly sideways. Dark particles can absorb light whereas light particles reflect light. In this way, convectional current takes place and the heat is transferred to upper layers of atmosphere. The atmosphere also has a layer of ozone. The part of this ground radiation after being absorbed by the atmosphere is radiated back to the earths surface. Engineering attention is well focused on winds on instances of damage or failure of bridges and buildings. The atmosphere is an important geological agent. Similarly, insolation has a direct relationship with the duration write an essay about atmosphere of sunlight. Since air is very poor conductor of heat and hence the transfer of heat from the ground surface through conduction is effective only up to a few metres in the lower atmosphere. It may be noted that the atmosphere is more or less transparent to shortwave solar radiation and thus behaves like window glass- panes which allow the sunlight to come inside the room but stops the long wavelength radiations (infrared radiation) to escape from the room. The height of the atmosphere is estimated between 16 to 29 thousand kilometres from the sea level. Most commercial aircraft travel takes place in the lower part of the stratosphere. Even this meagre amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is responsible for various types of weather phenomena. Climate is the combined effect of weather over a long period of time. The earth after receiving energy also radiates energy out of its surface into the atmosphere through long waves. (a) Troposphere: The lowermost layer of the atmosphere which is closest to the surface of the earth is known as troposphere.

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Fog, hailstorm, the descending air is warmed because of dry adiabatic rate and warm ground surface. The most abundant being methane, the average height over the middle latitudes has been determined to be 2530 km 0005 ozone 0 00006 hydrogen 0, the lowermost layer of the atmosphere is known as troposphere and is the most important layer because almost all. Nitrogen acts as dilutent and is generally chemically inactive 23 energy out of 51 is lost through direct long about wave outgoing terrestrial radiation. G Whereas it is estimated to be 80 km by others 00005 krypton trace xenon trace methane trace etc. Some trace gases control or affect the Earths climate and stability. Storms 9 is spent in convection and turbulence and 19 is spent through evaporation. Or flux of radiation is proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature of the radiating body. The ground surface becomes colder than the air above during winter nights and thus heat is transferred from the lower portion of the atmosphere to the ground surface and thus the atmosphere is cooled.

Advertisements: Read this essay to learn about Atmosphere, Composition of Atmosphere and Energy Balance in Atmosphere!Atmosphere: Atmosphere is a multi-layered envelope of different gases (just like a protective blanket) surrounding the earth which holds up life on earth and saves it from harmful environment of outer space.

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The total mass of the atmosphere is approximately 5x 1015 tonnes which is nearly about one millionth of the earths total mass. Vapour is almost transparent for incoming shortwave solar radiation so that the electromagnetic radiation waves reach the earths surface without much obstacles but vapour is less transparent for outgoing shortwave terrestrial radiation and therefore it helps in heating the earths surface and lower portion. That is why one does not feel essay warm when one stretches ones arm in the air.

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It contains oxygen produced mostly by algae and other plants.