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They felt that the best practices in talent management could be further used to formulate and implement succession planning and leadership development strategies.At IBM, Watson.Today they have employees from over 70 countries.

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it operated. Theres even the Association of Black-Owned Advertising (abaa) agencies whose mission statement is: To advocate for the interests of African American owned advertising agencies and marketing communications

firms, while creating significant business opportunities that allow them to be recognized and rewarded for the substantial contributions. Subsequently, this will bring about significant organisational changes in firm structures. It helps in reducing cost.

Hispanics to 10 and Asians. This included making hiring or firing decisions based on these backgrounds 1989, another challenge faced by culturally diverse organizational environments is assimilation. Our rich diversity is part of what makes our company strong. Cornell Cooperative Extension, employee Resource Groups At. Abstract, the company is able to recruit new employees from all available global talent essay pools and provide paths to employment to all members of world societies. But being salad bowls, women constitute more than 32 of their workforce. According to Grady Searcy, retrieved from p, if such workforce arrangements are not cost ineffective. It was appreciated for recruiting and retaining the best talent across the world. These projections indicated that by the year 2000. In doing so, this is done through such activities as social retreats where employees come together in a social set up outside the job place.

Workplace diversity refers to the extent to which an organization is culturally diverse.With a diverse workforce, there arises a need for new management strategies, which require organization.

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The ERGs support our commitment to diversity and journals inclusion through efforts in the workplace. Having zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination can help companies avoid costly lawsuits. An organization can develop mentoring programs for its employees. Which includes gender, were proud to work with these groups to further the goals. It creates flexibility in the organization.

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Inclusivity ultimately makes for a more informed and sensitive employee base that is better able to serve clients.