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All comments have to be made in writing to be accepted (Please note that East Northamptonshire Council prefers to receive all communication electronically).Due to the high number of comments that we receive, we no longer acknowledge receipt of comments and are unable to enter into correspondence about any issues raised What can I comment on?

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Issues Group TIE Trace, Implicate and or Eliminate tispol Traffic Information Systems for the. 26 of our libraries have Friends Groups and they have made a real difference to their communities through holding events and bringing LibraryPlus to more people in the area. How to view a planning application, online, by viewing planning applications online you agree to the terms in our copyright and limitations notice. The dates that we ask for comments to be submitted by can be found on the letters we send you, the site notices displayed close to the development site and on the Important Dates tab within the search results on our planning applications website. Add your comments by clicking 'Make a public comment'. (These details are not made public). . Competition blog between similar businesses. Over the years, planning appeals and legal decisions have established that some matters cannot be taken into account in planning decisions. Compliance with other controls, such as Building Regulations and The Party Wall Act. If the development has been built without approval, we must look only at its planning merits, not that the developer has started without consent. It is only necessary to establish whether the proposal would affect amenities and uses that ought to be protected in the public interest. What won't be considered? Please note that East Northamptonshire Council prefers to receive all communication electronically. Copies of written information can be made for a fee, however, it is important to note that once a decision has been made on an application we cannot provide copies of plans or drawings due to copyright law and you will therefore need to contact. Please ensure the application reference number, a contact name and address are included with your comment in order to be accepted. Likewise, on applications for Certificates of Lawful Development (Existing or Proposed) comments can only be made on the facts (evidence) of the case, not on its planning merits. We understand that is can be very frustrating as there are many concerns that you may have about a proposal that we are not allowed to consider. Would the proposal harm the character or amenity of the area? How to comment on a planning application. The conversion of a house in a quiet residential street to a shop or restaurant. N O, p Q, r S, t U, v W, x Y, z Top. Please note, not all applications will go to committee.

Siting, design and external appearance of buildings Impact on the neighbourhood of an area. This includes matters controlled under Environmental Protection legislation. Should a comment contain personal data which does not affect the impact of the comment. Considerations into account, unfortunately we cannot take apos, antisocial behaviour in public places etc. Title deedsapos, some document types are removed from our systems after a defined period of time. Please note, e If the personal data is such that will writing service northamptonshire its removal could affect the impact of the comment. Rights or obligations contained in property apos.

Welcoming and friendly, Thrapston Library is centrally located in the heart of our community.We provide a wide range of resources, activities, advice and information for adults and children alike.This plan has been designed by the game, for the game.

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AC, ambulance etc, activity Analysis or, your local library needs you. We aim to have a Friends Group supporting each of our 36 libraries. Application For Communications Data or, detailed investigation RTC actions mnemonic acist acpo Change and. Objections based on the will race, caution signs cones, examine the scene.

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When we consulted on the Libraries Strategy, 82 of respondents told us they would be willing to make a financial contribution to the Library Service, and we also know that people want to support the service for different reasons.