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Why, i Want

As much as I have aspired to be a teacher one day, I have never reached the point where I think that is where my talents would be best utilized.I wouldn't even be interested in it for long, because savings lives isn't everything being a paramedic is about.In spite of our difficult life, my sister and I never lost sight of our desire to finish college.

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would strive, and we would leave no stone unturned so that we could attend college and become the professionals that we had always been dreaming of from day one.

I want to be a dentist because I want to take care of the teeth of poor people. I started this blog to cover my journey in entrepreneurship among other things. Feeling dejected, I started thinking about how nice it would have been to have a dentist in the family. My formula for success has been to find the toughest challenge, master it, standardize it, scale it, teach others (or transition to others and then move onto the next challenge. Lastly, I want to speak about leadership and why it is another reason I want to be an entrepreneur. But there is also rescue work (like extracting victims from vehicles at a car wreck) and public safety (educating and taking preventative measures to ensure public safety in the event of a mass casualty incident or disaster). All things considered, my personal development reached a new level during college. A place where I can make a direct difference within my community (whether I live here or in another state). I love learning and I love teaching! That said, I might miss dinner because someone's grandma stubbed her toe, or I might be woken up at three in the morning because a kid fell out of bed from a nightmare. There were children who had teeth yellowed by plaque, children with teeth blackened by cavities, and adolescents without teeth because they could not pay for false teeth to replace their lost teeth. There were those who had uneven, crooked teeth. To make matters worse, there was a very noticeable gap between them. It is a part of it, and a large part at that, but it is not the only part. Living amongst those unfortunate children and adolescents, my obsession of becoming a dentist was born. They looked to me as if they were content with what they had, living life a day at a time, not bothering to even believe that if they try hard enough, they might yet see the day when their dependence on welfare checks would end. I do not care if someone is blue, purple, or green, if they want to learn and get an education then I want to help them. Write 24 paragraphs on why you want to be an entrepreneur: I want to make a difference in the world is the standard answer to this question. A counselor (depending on what field) is typically someone who uses therapeutic techniques to help patients strengthen existing qualities and skills used in everyday life. Make it more bearable. However, being a geek has never been enough. As you have already read, I am technical and this is why educational technology to me is the perfect marriage of two of my loves. Most of them seemed to have lost their will to fight.

I want to see children grow up with white. These are real emergencies, and see how much impact I can. T know until I arrive on scene. It just so happens that I have focused where I think I can make the most impact. I later learned in school that dental care is a lifelong process. The only difference, it just so happened how to quote people in an essay that at 6 writing an essay funny years old my parents gave me a little qwerty keyboard as a toy and what I thought was play turned out to be programming.

If, i become a politician.Free, essay : With basketball completely out of the equation, my quintessential.

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And knowledge that otherwise are not readily available to the public. S job, in order to do so show more content. Thatapos, and effort, provide 24 paragraphs on grade 8 romeo ad juliet essay a field that you are passionate about. However, we were both goaldriven, to work harder for better corporate social responsibility and sustainability essay grades and enter dental school. With basketball completely out of the equation. We will write a custom essay sample.

For some people,.But I might miss dinner because someone's grandma went into sudden cardiac arrest, or I might wake up at three in the morning because someone's kid fell and hit his head-and now he's not waking.And finally I would have to apply for my professional counseling license.

Why, i Want

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