Why did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany in 1933?

Why did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933?

He refused and demanded to be made chancellor.Without a strong leader and a weak government made German citizens turn to more extreme groups.read more.

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make people support him. The depression weakened the government as they introduced unpopular economic policies; the chancellor raised taxes, cut wages, and reduced unemployment benefits, this made the Germans

feel unsupportive as Weimar was no longer meeting the expectations of stern college essay topics Germany. Those being the bitterness and resentment entrenched in the German people from the very beginning and the weakness of the Weimar Republic. Therefore the financial support of wealthy businessmen gave Hitler the money to run his propaganda and election campaigns. This type of violence also played a part in drumming up success for the Nazi party. Trade unions Abolishing the trade unions allowed aqa english language paper 2 past papers gcse Hitler to destroy a group that might have opposed him. Germany was very badly affected by the depression and since 1929; unemployment increased. In order for Hitler to become a symbol that people idolised, he needed to become more familiar and liked by the public, and most importantly allow his beliefs to become known to people. Hitler had a lot of power at this moment in time but Hitler hadn't finished yet. Businesses were failing; homelessness and poverty increased and was common amongst people. This question has sparked a debate amongst many well-known historians; Alan Bullock and Ian Kershaw, for example, have written whole books on this topic. SS, sS : Also known as the Blackshirts. However the backbone of Hitler's rise was based on the great economic instability of the time, which enabled Hitler to exploit the situation, and secondly the problems with the constitution (article 48 which undermined German Democracy, and the influences of the German culture on Hitler. Industrialists gave Hitler money and support. Reichstag, reichstag : German parliament in Berlin. Activity To familiarise yourself with Hitler's actions, play the activity 'Opening the doorways to power' to see if you can remember the sequence of events that consolidated Hitler's power. Its internal weaknesses proved very beneficial to Hitler and he took advantage of them to enhance the image of the Nazi party.

Why did hitler become chancellor in 1933 essay

The army was also subservient to Hitler. S history inspired Hitler to do many things that he did and can explain in part why he felt the way he did on why did hitler become chancellor in 1933 essay certain issues. Thereafter, last hop" the Nazis gain support, there was political scheming between the leaders which allowed Hitler to become chancellor. Propaganda campaign was very effective and it won support for the Nazis. Anger and bitterness helped the Nazis to gain more support.

Hitler had the ability to please people and tell them exactly what they wanted to hear.In 1933 Hitler accomplished his goal to become chancellor of, germany.

Was not the faultlessly fair legislature it made out. Enabling Act the, s problems, it was determined become to overthrow the Social Democratic government in power at the time in order to impose its own choice of government. Then in July 1932, germany great agai" america called in all its foreign loans. Its system of proportional representation led to 28 parties.

A German police/ military style organisation created to serve as the personal bodyguards of Adolf Hitler.On the other hand it can be argued that Hitler was in part a product of German culture.Hitler used these factors to his advantage and in 1933 he legitimately gained power to become chancellor.

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In January 1933 President Hindenburg asked Hitler to become Chancellor of Germany.