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Different people mean different things by that.But emerging technologies raise the prospect that, at the very least, we'll get an idea of what others are dreaming about in real time.

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once it's activated. In a weeklong study I did with students that followed this protocol 50 percent dreamed of the problem and a fourth solved themso that's a pretty

good guideline, that half of people would have some effect from doing this for a week. Very strong stimuli wake. During dreams, are certain regions more active than others or does that depend on what you're dreaming about? In the one-on-one clinical studies there seems to be a much higher rate of actually having the rather dramatic mastery dream. People who can read in a dream will still report that the text is not stable; if they look away and then back, it says something different writing or there's no longer any writing there. Others find that things like light switches and other knobs that are supposed to turn things on and off work normally in their real world and don't do what they expect them to in a dream. It just doesn't look that way. You can do this by identifying something that is consistently or usually different from your sleeping and waking experience. Can we dream that we're dreaming? We can strategize to dream about a particular subject, solve a problem or end a recurring nightmare. In his research on lucid dreams, psychophysiologist Steve LaBerge tested a dream light that sleep subjects wore on their faces that detected REM and flashed a low-level, red light during that phase. During this phase, there are rhythmic bursts of activity in the brain stem. When you deprive yourself of sleep, you are getting a lower proportion of REM. Lastly, we can image the brain well enough awake or asleep to know things like: there's an unusual amount of motor activity; or this person is probably doing mathematical calculations right now; or this person is processing incoming language or speaking or writing. Lucid dreams are infrequentless than 1 percent of dreams in most studiesbut they certainly do crop up in any large collection of lots of people's dreams. That's probably related to why dreams are so very visual compared to other sensory modes or types of content and also why they have a lot of motion and action in them relative to our waking experience. Those are parts of the visual cortex, parts of the motor cortex and certain motion-sensing areas deeper in the brain. What about if you want to, say, dream of a certain person or about a particular experiencehow can you do that? Barry Krakow does this in a group format and gets statistically significant, positive outcomes.

Donapos, a few writing an essay funny writers on lucidity have chosen to make some degree of dream control part of the definition. But most choose to see that as a separate. We will get more precise about what we know about different brain areas and targeting magnetic how to quote people in an essay signals toward them. It seems exactly related to the fact that the prefrontal lobes that control censorship are. Lie there, equally important, some of these techniques are successful in as many as 10 percent of people in the course of a week for a few studies. People who decide that they want to alter their nightmares or solve a problem through lucid dreaming have carved out an infinitely more difficult path not that itapos. S a lot more hard work and a lot less chance of success that way.

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Another really common application has been influencing nightmares. How can you up your chances of having a lucid dream. The atoms were lined up in some kind of straight line with 90degree side chains coming social off. S fuzzy, the parts of the brain stem that fire those bursts of activity are also active.

There are other areas that are less active on average during REM sleep.REM is generally the only time during sleep that most of the cortex is pretty much as active as it is when we're awake.

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We asked, deirdre Barrett, author of the book, the Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists and Athletes Use Dreams for Creative Problem-Solvingand How You Can, Too (Crown, 2001) and assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, about what dream-control strategies do and don't.