What, does it, mean to, be a, patriot?

What, does, it, mean, to, be, a, patriot, in 2017?

Where the motherland starts?Lets just say (all hypothetical, of course) that Im not Donald Trumps biggest fan.I later went to the army recruiting office and joined the US army, and proudly served in Germany from 1988 to 1990.

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politicians who wave. We celebrate the years of hard work and innovation that have brought us to the place we are today. Patriotism is simply the love of ones

country and the desire to protect and serve. Thats how progress happens, dummy! Patriotism is owning both the fact that the US was the first modern democracy, but also a democracy that still struggles with representing all facets of its plurality. Lets say life as an American citizen is hard. I am glad to meet you. Patriotism is a spirit of comradeship for those who share your country, regardless of their background or walk of life. The reality of patriotism is a little more complex and far less partisan. Me personally I would have preferred Colin Powell or Nader, but if the govnt want;s it to happen. Patriotism is knowing when your country is faltering, and helping it to do better. God didnt ignore the Israelites flaws. Patriotism takes hard, thoughtful, informed, dedicated, humble, steady work. I work in philanthropy, so I am constantly deploying resources to make my community a better place to live, and hopefully creating a more tolerant society in the process. As a boomer, I grew up in the age of patriotism. I took President Kennedys statement And so, my fellow Americans; ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country seriously. Im not sure what patriotism means to me anymore. James DeSocio, 67, retired social worker, New York. This country is a mess, and there is very little to be proud of right now. Michael Bain, 58, ranch manager, New Mexico. Losing sight of that richness and complexity threatens to undermine the very essence of our national character. It also means defending the constitution and the bill of rights, and being willing to sacrifice myself for any of my fellow American sisters and brothers. That these moments are acknowledged as lessons learned and shape the nation to be what it is today and all it will the place i was born essay be in the future. And working to instill tolerance in the US population. They really do sound like fascists, and in fact display a lot of characteristics of earlier fascist states.

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We choose to be faithful to our country even when the people in charge of essay on colonisation our country arent particularly faithful. And I pay attention to how I show up in the everyday. Patriotism isnt about believing your country is always right. Patriotism knows that these moments bring growth and progress. I live out my patriotism by helping people wherever and however I am able. My own sense of peace, so being a patriot involves some type of contribution and a recognition of past and present efforts that remind us of what holds us together in the national interest. Contributions have been edited for length and clarity. S Wearing my dress uniform, we export this democracy to other countries. Its not blind acceptance of the status quo. I share what I have with those in need.

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What does it mean to be a patriot essay

Patriotism is the heartfelt belief that you are willing to give and sacrifice. Love it, so much for your what constitiution and declaration of independence. And you desire change because of the love you have for your brothers and sisters. You need to learn and understand where the biases in information you receive are coming from. Caitlin B, we have been a nation as varied politically as we are geographically. After all, it mean means apologizing when your country has been wrong. And whether that direction makes your country a better place. Xenophobic isolationism, those issues affect people, editor. New York Patriotism is often confused with blind pride in ones nation.

When I think of a self-described patriot, I imagine a loud, belligerent man who drives an oversized pick-up truck complete with both an American flag and a Dont Tread on Me flying from poles mounted in the flatbed; this man responds to any dissenting opinion.Mark Offtermatt, 30, librarian, Washington, i am not patriotic.As we approach the 4th of July, we remember the origin of the United States of America.

What does it mean to be a ' patriot ' in modern America?

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Patriotism is embracing with love the fact that America is not just white Christian men, but a melting pot of all walks of life from every corner of the globe of all creeds, religions and races.