Compare how the poems, war Photographer and Remains are

Compare The Ways in Which

Such a job bares great responsibility accounting, restoring, preserving and documenting photographs of conflict for generations to see its quite a feat. .Grass is compared to the vast number of dead bodies left to rot.Caroline Duffy wrote the mesmerizing poem War Photographer which captures the peculiar challenge faced by people whose job requires them to record the terrible, horrific events of war without being able to directly help their subjects.

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turn has caused emotional distress for him. . Power of guilt in, remains, his life is dominated by the thought of killing the man. We can understand that the

war photographer may feel very distressed that he could only account the terror, whilst he had to witness the conflict whilst having no mean of helping his subjects. We could perceive this simply as a blood stain. Remains, the power of conflict that the war photographer sees. This officer is experiencing insurmountable bloodguilt. And from this, the two poems also harmonize through the power of authority. These officers abused the authority bestowed upon them to such a horizon that one of the officers tosses his guts back into his body to then be undignifiedly carted off in the back of a lorry. Then it goes on to say the only light is red and softly glows. . And by the protagonists assumption that a citizen was a looter also shows that people in authority, likely even today can abuse their authority and escape persecution for. Simon Armitage wrote Remains, an intriguing poem where he tells how a man and two other officers opened life fire on a looter who may or may not have been armed. This shows the importance of the role of the War Photographer, either for propaganda or shows the truth to the world. This is why the power of responsibility is evident in War Photographer. Remains, the speaker is overpowered by his authority. His guilt implanted in his memory is denying him of not visualizing the blood that was once there when he brutally fired at him. . A priest preparing to intone a Mass. The poem accounts we get sent out to tackle looters raiding a bank one of them legs it up the road, probably armed, possibly not. There is a strong sense of imagery described in written word in this part. Power of authority in, remains -second guessed the man,.

Soon he should has a dream about what happened on the day of speech the firing. The power of memory is evident in Remains also. Emotionally, furthermore, he sees every round as it rips through his life. But the memory is incredibly strong. This explains how feelings shouldnt interfere with his job.

Yet he had to seek approval to do what someone must. The power of conflict and its structure effects on a persons emotional state is evident in War Photographer. He has a job, he is able to let down his guard in the privacy of the darkroom as he finally allows himself to react to the terrible suffering he was forced to witness and record. By this point his guilt is so great that he takes to alcohol and drugs but they dont flush him out or in other words. The drink and drugs wont flush him outhes here in my head when I close my eyes. A shadow is only seen as a result of a reflection of something. How do these two intriguing poems relate to the theme of power.

In War Photographer, the journalist trembles as he holds the mass of the photographs in his hands, showing that within him, there is a highly distressed witness, and he feels very relieved as he returns home to safety, although connotations such as something is happening.This is the moment the memory becomes implanted deep in the characters memory.The character is guilty of what hes done and is finding it tremendously difficult to forget.

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The opening line something is happening in stanza three injects drama and suspense into the poem and suggests the photographer is not wholly in control of the development process and his memory causes him to flashback to an experience, depicted in a very peculiar manner.