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However, why not be creative and cite a less used example, such.Here are some RLS examples that I have identified for Nov 2016 titles, you can use these if you wish, but I include them to help you to develop in your own ToK writing.When youre done, check to be sure that youre within the 1,200-1,600 word limit for the essay.

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them more deeply, and apply them in a way which is tailored for the PT that you are answering. The argument would develop along the lines that Knowledge Claims

are often reflective of a dominant recycle AoK, and therefore if there are different Concepts/Language/Methodology used in knowledge production of that AoK then that represents a difference in perspective. The obvious example is Flemings discovery of the antibiotic properties of penicillin. In relation to the addition of more data, use of a constructivist approach allows students to develop much more sophisticated claims and counterclaims than using the singular truth approach. This is an interesting claim to make if you can justify it, however, unfortunately I did not read any viable justifications of that position (most students didnt even attempt to justify that position). Students could discuss the methodology of the AoK, the possible functions of the AoK, the underlying principles of the AoK etc etc. As an experienced philosophy and ToK examiner I know how easy it is to identify essays with a common source. I would advise against giving a basic dictionary definition as this will either restrict the development of arguments, or you will be forced to ignore the definition later in the essay. Lets play with AoK History.

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Try to provide supporting examples in each case. Ill take PT3 in Nov 2016 session a little slowly. Here are links to the full how to right a conclusion for an essay titles of the six Nov 2016 IB ToK Essay topics. Taking the position that History has no singular truth.

Ample, tOK Essays with Comments and Scores.Do not represent an official IB position in any way.The essays were written by my own.

Would Hoppers paintings be improved with the addition of a phone number helpline for the lonely along collaboration the bottom. Whilst marking ToK Essays this session I often read essays that stated that the function of knowledge production in History is english to find the truth. Potentially it could be argued that conflicting KCs arise from commonality in perspective.

Therefore, Im a big advocate of developing your own examples.Further, students could consider minimalist art, thriller novels, scary films (would it make it scarier if you knew the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park were  CGI?).In particular, basing your essays on downloaded templates carries considerable risks.

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Secondly, your essay will share the same structure as many others and will likely be considered as plagiarised.