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Home A2 Religious Studies: Religious Ethics.However, what if your parents never punished you for being bad, or you lived a very good childhood and never did anything bad in the first place - how would you learn these moral virtues from?Aristotle believed that there were intellectual and moral virtues for example a intellectual virtue is developed by training and habit and we can be taught these for example maths, or learning an instrument whereas moral virtues are not innate and are acquired through repetition.

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make the right decisions by using our conscience. There are a number of strengths to Aristotles ideas, it is a deontological theory and an theory such as Kants Divine

Command deny human emotions whereas Aristotles idea of phronesis developed from Plato in which eudaimonia is the flourishing of the soul and by using. Hire your writer directly, without overpaying for agencies and affiliates! Philosophers of the 20th century brought about a revival of virtue ethics as many were concerned with the act-centered ethical theories. Gilbert Harman believed that character traits were just an illusion stating that it is a particularist theory, only considering certain virtues, which doesn't fit well in society. Philosophy Virtue Ethics ethical. The challenges to virtue ethics are great and provide a strong argument to whether its useful, although virtue ethics too has its strengths. What do wrong topics and right mean if there is no lawgiver, she suggested eudaimonia is the obvious answer as it is not dependent on God. Document type: Essay essay ID: 7141. An example of this would be doing something wrong and your parents telling you off, Aristotle believed that eventually you would feel the guilt before doing the act so therefore through practice you become a better type of person and your virtue becomes second nature. In this paper Anscombe questioned whether there could be moral laws if there was is no God. For Aristotle, we should work to develop our character so that we avoid adopting vice-like characteristics. Aristotle believed that this helps us to reach the Golden Mean, this is the idea that we should develop qualities that are helpful to society and therefore inherently good. Virtue ethics is able to do something very different to other ethical theories rather than focus on the act of a person, virtue ethics will focus on the person itself. The weaknesses of Virtue Ethics outweigh its strengths. Virtue Ethics is a theory which focuses on becoming better people by developing traits which are known as virtues.

The Aristotelian approach shows to give an account of the structure of morality and explained that essay the point of enrolling in ethics is to become good. Other assignments in this discipline, he believed that when we value described people as good we are not referr. Do the Weaknesses of Virtue Ethics Outweigh Its Strengths. Gandhi, ve got so far in draft form. Another criticism of the theory is that virtues can be culturally relative and so virtue ethics are difficult to apply to modern dilemmas as there are no guidelines from rules or consequences. Studybay, hereapos, for we are enquiring not in order to know what virtue is but in order to become good since.

And things that are good as ends. Aristotle stated that we want to be good. It asks What sort of person ought I. And there is a difference to things that are good as means. Other modern philosophers such as Alasdair Macintyre believed that ethical theories just resulted in disagreements and that morality should be seen in terms of purpose. In his book, it is based on different virtues that a person should have. Aristotle believed that the best way to reach eudaimonia was to live peacefully plans in society with others thinking about their interests and we should together develop and use qualities from others that are most productive for all. Other, s life and it is the ultimate happiness. This order has already been completed on Studybay.

Aristotle also argues that once virtuous characteristics are natural to us then we will automatically do the right thing.Virtue ethics derives from Plato and Aristotle and does not focus on actions being right or wrong, but instead of how to be a good person and the character of a person.So, he is saying that good people perform good e best way of learning about the virtues is to follow the example of virtuous people, however this can cause a number of problems for the theory, for example following people in todays society.g.

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'The weaknesses of Virtue Ethics outweigh its strengths.' Discuss.