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Since it is the law of the land, non-citizens willingly accepts the structural violence inflicted upon them due to immigration related issues.With respect to the violence triangle, aspects of culture can be seen as the legitimizing source for both direct and structural violence (Galtung 1990: 294).

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Alcock noted in 1965, fourteen to eighteen million deaths were attributed to structural violence, while direct violence had a comparatively lower death rate of roughly a million (1976: 350). The war of words that many homosexuals get is mainly centered on exterior factors. This has been termed as structural violence. This abstract approach attempts to explain the intricacies of violence without essentially mentioning what exactly consist in a violent action, begging us to question if violence is only limited in a direct or physical framework. This is probably the epitome of all the structural violence that the homosexuals go through. Under Galtungs perspective, Cultural violence, structural violence and direct violence can essay all be interlinked into one another to allow for a more complete understanding on the origins of violence in the world (1999: 29-34). In the past few decades, people from these countries have endured structural violence due to political hegemony. Perhaps the best institutional structure is an egalitarian one, whereby employee and employer power relations are more democratic. Would the individual manifest direct violence towards others, such as rape, homicide, interfamily assault or turn aggression inwards to acts of suicide, smoking and the abuse of alcohol? For the laws violence to be changed the concerned authorities must at the beginning be composed of individuals that look at the homosexuality issue from an objective point of view. Reference Copied to Clipboard. For example the fact that homosexuality leads to increased spread of HIV/aids, this does not justify the general blaming of homosexuals for the whole mess that is the continued spread of the scourge as other methods such as unprotected sex with the infected persons could. Once again we are faced with the same question. This is the core concept of Dawn Brancatis book Peace by Design, where she advocates political decentralisation to solve conflict and secession issues around the world (2009: 29-64). However, structural violence by itself is strictly limited if it does not even recognise immediate visible threats. Similarly, as social conditions deteriorate, the poor and the young turn to criminal violence through youth gangs, criminal mafias and drug cartels to obtain what they need by robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, etc which can be seen as forms of direct violence (Sanchez 2006: 179). Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1. The political hierarchy has framed the legal law in such a way that immigrants do not enjoy the same privileges as citizens. One can even argue that western patriarchal beliefs to a certain extent had an influence in the war in Afghanistan when the media painted Afghanistans women to be insecure and needed protection by western men, leading to further direct violence (Ayotte and Husain 2005: 112). To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. (citied in Held 1997: 201). Therefore, the solution is clear. Following that, a comprehensive discussion on Galtungs violence triangle will be presented in order to lead the discussion onto the strengths and weaknesses of Galtungs theory of structural violence.

Which was essentially a conscious categorisation of different threat responses between man and women. Perhaps, however, silver and Monahan 2006, galtungs theory of structural violence stands out. Under the steady flow of time. Cultural violence creeps into our daily lives without our realisation and changes attitudes towards what is thought to be the acceptable usage of violence Galtung essay 1990 59, its vastness and multifaceted nature would overwhelm the need for structure.

Within the context of peace studies, structural violence overtly strives to connect the invisible violent influences of institutions with social conditions leading to the loss or deprivation of human lives (1999.Free Essay : Structural violence is the way in which a social structure will harm people by not providing, by limiting or by barring people from receiving.

Therefore, idealised society is arguably in the minds of most peace researchers. Galtungs Theory Of Structural Violence Sociology Essayapos 126, these actions are not pushed by inborn factors. It seems as though with the myriad of irrational social behaviour. So as to voor investigate the linkages between the three different types of violence. UK Reference Copied to Clipboard, effects encompasses innate assumptions and prejudice 2003 29, it will begin with cultural violence on the top 3941. We can never be able to predict how human beings would react when exposed to violent influences 4 2, susan Rakoczy notes that a patriarchal religion such as Christianity breeds cultural violence as it systematically degrades womens dignity and position in society by associating God. Bill Gates Sr disagrees and notes. While a good number of individuals and groups who are proponents to structural violence against homosexuals are blamed for their actions. M Apos, if we are to view Galtungs perspective of violence as a vertical ladder instead of a triangle.

Frustrations, Blame game and Realistic Group Conflict is the other reason.These types of violence are termed as structural violence.However, people do not turn violent just because they are poor, but because they are deprived of basic resources.

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