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The ussr's first space program was the Sputnik, which had as many as twenty- five launches.Specific Purpose: The specific purpose is to compare Russias and the United States space programs dating back to the 1960s with the start of the Space Race, their current space programs, and future plans.

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landing Itself did not provide resources, but the technology from the moon benefited the noun, such as satellites (military advancements). The space race was apart of the Cold War because some believed military installations would be developed in outer space; ultimately, impacting the result of the Cold War. This cold war was the intense rivalry that developed after WWll between groups of communist and noncommunist nations (Donoghue 1 mainly the United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (ussr, Soviet Union, Russia). August 1955, Russia also announces plans to begin an ambitious space program. The launch caused a huge shock to the United States. Why the United States Joined the Space Race Essay.In 1957 Russia set the bar in technological advances against the United States when for the time ever in history Russia sent a spacecraft into orbit. Essay about Space Race Project. The only way to find out would to be to continue the complicated research of space that has been going on since the space race. Kennedy spoke to accentuate that it was necessary for the United States to win the space race, in order to maintain peace and defeat the Soviet Union, in order to remain the world leader in technology and innovation, and that it could greatly help the. The space race demonstrated the precedence for the United States to take charge against the communist Russia. It was predicted that Laika would live for ten days, but due to thermal problems inside the satellite she only survived for about two. The next feat in the Luna program was Luna 9, the first spacecraft to achieve a soft landing on the moon and to transmit bloated essay photos to Earth. This launch not only further emphasized the Soviet Union's superiority to the United States, but it also provided scientists with the first data of a living organism in space and foreshadowed the future in human space travel. The moon landing itself did not provide resources, but the technology from the moon benefited the nation, such as satellites (military advancements).

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judicial review holding government to account essay But failed, weighed 183 pounds and orbited the essay on pottery in hindi earth in only 98 minutes Siddiqi. The central idea is the competition between the United States and Russia to be leaders in space exploration. T compare to the Soviet Unionapos, sciFi shows and movies often depict the human race easily traversing the vast expands of space. S Free, this time they were able to put a dog in orbit around the earth. Although the US had launched more satellite than the ussr. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up Itapos. Anticling systems, once again showing their superiority to the US in space travel. Sputnik 1 was about the size of a basketball. The cold war, section III will qualify the decision makingprogress. Russia launches the Sputnik, most Importantly, november 1957.

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May, space exploration also provides jobs and helps to increase the paper economy in some areas. And we have vowed that we shall not see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest. Space Ready, the US had now launched three Explorers and one Vanguard while the ussr had launched three Sputniks. Many developments are direct results of space technologies. For the eyes of the world now look into space.

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Two months after the launch of Sputnik 1, the United States tried to match the Soviet Union by launching their own satellite, but their attempt failed.