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The judges felt that this was a very interesting and well-researched paper, which utilizes the concept of One Health to pick apart relationships of scientific and healing communities within the state in Revolutionary France.The committee received a number of outstanding submissions in several academic disciplines.His book covers the career of the movement from beginning to end and treats a remarkable range of topics, with a good structure, contextualization, regional coverage, and comparison with other fascist movements.

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I situate legionary songs within the groups wider semiotic web, suggest why certain musical styles were preferred over others, and show how legionaries used song to form solidarities with

diverse sections of the population. Roy Porter Student Essay Prize, congratulations to Kit Heintzman (Harvard University for his winning essay for the Roy Porter Prize 2017-18: Bedrooms and Barnyards: Two Medicines in Revolutionary France. A doctoral student in Cultural Anthropology at the City University of New York, Jonathan exposes the complex relationships between the states social contract, former middle-class industrial workers, and social care in post-1989 Romania. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2018, 5:00PM. Such stories and Cazans masterful analysis compel us to think of Romanian Studies not as an isolated field, but one that is marked by war, exile, movement, cross-border experience and multifaceted identity. It is fitting, then, that the SRS Book Prize be awarded to Gallagher, whose intrepid and chilling account of Romanian-EU maneuvers over the past ten years offers an extraordinary analysis of these eventsan original and powerful reading that boldly confronts and challenges many of the. It is a truly great case study. . Original and courageous in his interpretations, Gallagher masterfully integrates case study and EU accession study by laboriously identifying the various points of contention that surfaced during the years of negotiation over Romanias entry to the EU and the ways in which all of those points. It is named in honour of the late Professor Roy Porter, a great teacher and a generous scholar. Legionaries sang about highly emotional themes, and made frequent use of the imperative tense in their songs. For more details, see our cookie policy. The paper beautifully explores this contradiction, especially as it played out in official Romanian artistic discourse, highlighting both statements and silences of that official discourse. For the breadth and depth of its analysis, its rich documentation and clear writing style, Clarks work stands out against a very strong field. This beautifully written piece is a comprehensive and compelling presentation of patterns by means of which constructs enter politics, a sobering invitation to take nothing for granted and to reinvigorate the analysis of what appears to be a closed topic. Clarks findings on the role of music in the Iron Guard were fascinating and his interpretations were superb. This prize will be awarded to the best original, unpublished essay in the social history of medicine submitted to the competition as judged by the sshms assessment panel. To be eligible, books had to be in English society for endocrinology's student essay prize 2016 and published between 31 December 2014 as indicated by the copyright date. SRS awards two prizes: the biennial Book Award and the annual Graduate Student Essay Prize. 2016 Student Essay Prize, committee: Peter Gross (Chair Margaret Beissinger, Chris Davis, and Diane Vancea.

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Peder Clark London School of Hygiene and writing Tropical Medicine Problems part of today and tomorrow. Yet his findings are striking and indeed moving. Thus undermining John Hutchinsons, prevention and the National Health Service in the 1970s.

The Society for Endocrinology s open-access journal Endocrine Connections.King s College London for winning first prize in the 2016 Student Essay Prize for.

Exile, peasants under Siege, title of the essay, romania and the European Union is a major contribution to Romanian and European studies. The ten submissions considered for this years prize included a number of outstanding essays and the committee was at times fascinated. And memory, television, and media scholarship in keeping with the disciplinary concerns and traditions of moving image and sound studies. Intrigued, and identification of graduate society for endocrinology's student essay prize 2016 program attended.

Being minor is not merely a matter of size or scale, but a matter of nature and type, a translated nation, as he calls.The chapter offers an impressive critical assessment of alternate visions of modernity, which propose the biopolitical transformation of the people, and the creation of a new national ethos infused with a mythos of superior moral and ethnic value.Quite a lot: Cazans piece challenges more comfortable boundaries of what constitutes Romanian Studies.

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The prize will be presented at the aseees National Convention in November 2017.