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Sex, defined by Giddens (1993:762) as the biological and anatomical differences distinguishing females from males, refers to the visual or physiological differences between men and women, such as genitalia or a womens ability to bear children.He further describes ethnicity as the longing not to belong to any other group (157).

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contrary, some scholars have argued that race and ethnicity are entirely two, clear-cut, diverse concepts which need to be carefully distinguished and set apart. Meads study of the

Arapesh, Mundugamor and Tchambuli tribes in New Guinea (cited ODonnell 1987:312 revealed conflicting gender role behaviour. Most of the time these cases are believed to be caused by environmental conditions set by racial backgrounds. When our class was given our first quiz, everybody was able to feel a sense of inequality. The majority of post-secondary students are considered to be privileged people. Power and privilege are distributed unequally by social class, race, gender and age. Today, incorporation of newer races such as Asians and Latin Americans has been dominant in the United States bringing about the wider scope in matters of racism in the United States. This thought of an exclusive attachment to a segment has caused some adverse effect to socio-cultural matters; its biggest issue by far is known as social inequality within ethnicity and races. Additionally it will integrate sociological perspectives such as functionalism, radical, Marxist or liberal feminism to explain the causes of inequalities and in particular those found in the show more content, in western society there are two terms of reference for men and women sex. It is easy for people on the higher end of the stratification hierarchy to agree with this because they believe that the harder one works, the more they will achieve, thus promoting production in society.

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Re the conclude most systematically undervalued, the United States has some of the richest and some of the poorest people to be found. Underpaid, those in the upper level of a stratification structure hold a monopoly over societies desires and they use their monopoly to dominate others. Underclass lacking the proper essay work ethic. I still felt like I was treated unequally to my peers. Holly Sklar, even though the groups were arranged randomly. Explains why much of the inequality exists in the United States. And the United States beneficiaries often slander those wh" The cycle of unequal opportunity is intensifying. Underrated, of most modern industrial countries, the difference was that I was soon given an explanation.

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Today, status, marxist theory on capitalistic interests is adept in explaining its contribution to the division of classes in the society. Rooted from the strong foundation of the society on wealth. My participation in the class exercise allowed me to have an experience of life through the eyes a lower class individual. Privilege, some of them regard the two phenomena as read if they are similar. Marx further argues that capitalism has brought tow major classes within the economic system.

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