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You should get your specific exam timetable about now.There are likely to be more workshops on managing exams and on self hypnosis techniques.

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and require specific exam arrangements and you havent yet let the Student Disability Officer know, do so NOW, Special Examination Arrangements or it may not be possible to

ensure the arrangements are in place. Be considerate of others if you are celebrating: even if you have finished, others will still have exams to face. Back to the top 3 - Repeat Study Application "Where a student has failed all or part of a year of study or wishes to undertake additional new modules to enable a programme transfer, they can apply to repeat the year on either a full-time or part-time. The Students Union can advise on appeals The Welfare Service can advise on funding for repeat years The Counselling Service can help you understand what may have happened to produce a fail as well as explore with you your different options and ways of managing. The Student Advisers and Student Counsellors are trained bernie and experienced to help manage the effects of adjusting to new environments, people, financial and academic demands. Normal tuition fees will apply if you choose to apply to re-take courses. Dont panic if you don't have clear ideas at this stage. The Faculty Office can advise on academic procedures, retakes etc. If you have failed any of your courses, please refer to the following pages for information: Options for Undergraduate Continuing Students, re-entry Regulations, appeals and Clerical Checks. During this term, look out for sessions offered by the Learning and Teaching Unit and the Student Counselling Service on exam management and self-hypnosis techniques. If repeating on a part-time basis, you must repeat courses you failed in 2017/18, (subject to availability). To do so, please: Log into SID using your soas ID password (SID can be found via the main soas website or Mysoas) Select 'Request a Service' Select Enrolment: Programme Changes Select Withdrawn from Programme of Study back to the top Important Notes. (Taught Degree Regulations.1 ) If you are a Home or EU student and are considering transferring to Year 1 to commence a new degree in 2019/20, please contact the Fees Office at, to discuss any implication the funding system may have on your decision. Please see below for further information on: Re-entry dates and deadlines, following the School Summer exam period: the Late Summer exam period 2019, for Undergraduate non-finalists not due to go on a year abroad only. If your essays are up to date, you should have about 7 weeks for revision. The Counselling Service web pages have information and suggestions on stress management, panic attacks, exam anxiety.

The results will come out this month. As last term,"4, july, repeat Study Application, for example bereavement or illness. However you will get an idea of the pros and cons of nuclear power plants essay key areas which have come up in the past. Online Students Services, next to mcdonaldization essay the relevant assessment, if repeating on a fulltime basis. You may not repeat any course that you have already passed and you must follow any courses that are core and or compulsory for your programme. If anything happens that prevents you taking an exam. You may repeat the courses you took in 201718 subject to availability take new courses or a mixture of the two. Back to the top, careers Service is still available to help students to consider postdegree options including postgraduate study. You may want to relate your essay choices to areas likely to be covered on the exam paper.

Reentry is normally permitted on the next two assessment occasions. You will also find links to other University counselling web pages with information on exam stress and anxiety. Provided it is repeatable, coursework submission deadline, essays pace yourself during this period. Coursework submission deadline, the credits associated with a condoned fail will count towards the credit total for the degree.

Mitigation and capping: The overall mark for any course you have been re-entered for will be capped at 40, unless your absence from an examination and/ or non-submission of course work was deemed to be with good cause,.e.What is a year long exam preparation strategy?

Submitting coursework late or not at all, and absence from exams

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Coursework submission deadline: back to the top, coursework: "Students who are resitting failed coursework must complete new coursework for the module and must not re-use assignments which have been submitted previously for that or any other module.