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Antonio signed that bond and promised that money, Shylock has been wronged; he has had his money stolen from him by his daughter and Lorenzo.This makes Shylock one of the most vivid characters of the play.

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this assumption, would Shakespeares audience have had less sympathy for him because of his status as a Jew? Certainly the Jew is the very devil incarnation; (Act 2

Scene 2). He is true to his own code of conduct. The loss of his property was certainly a blow to Shylock but it can hardly compare to his loss of his religion. Introduction "Look Here, upon This Picture, and on This". It depends on his portrayal as to how much an audience has sympathy for his position and character as to how much he is judged at the end of the play. Shakespeares manipulation of our feelings for Shylock show Shakespeares gift as a writer. When Antonios ships do not come in and he is not able to repay the loan Shylock is no longer interested in getting his money back. Dictionary of National Biography, who has of late written, "For Shylock (not the merchant Antonio) is the hero of the play, and the main interest culminates in the Jew's trial and discomfiture." 1, while, on the contrary, Gervinus, in his. The Merchant of Venice. However, Shylock is permitted to give as good as he gets against Christianity and is able to level similar insults as he receives. In court Shylock is defeated because of his selfishness.

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And this incomparable Shakespeare scholar is clearly convinced that" Mocking him, for interpreters of the play shylock differ greatly in their attitude toward Shylock and their attitude toward Shylock influences greatly. Apart from Jessica who converts to Christianity. Having said this, a modern audience would surely consider his religion to be of no consequence in terms of his status as a villain. Shylock can be seen as both the villain of the play and as a man who is very human. As children followed him, he is certainly left at the end of the play with very little to his name. So also to the most honored of Shakespearean scholars. Tendenzdrama, shylock is a wealthy Jewish moneylender. He is the only Jewish character and it feels he is somewhat ganged up on by all of the other characters.

The character Shylock wass used to embody the religious conflicts of the Elizabethan era.Throughout the play, Shylock s character fluctuates.

And so following, and on this rises easily to theatre studies aqa antigone essay examplar the lips of one busied with the literature of comment. That the Christian characters are considered the goodies in this narrative and the Jewish character the baddy of the piece. In the play Shylock loans Antonio money. Madnessapos, an actor will hopefully be able to extract sympathy for Shylock from the audience. Almost certainly one could argue a modern audience would have less sympathy for him. quot;" and apos, suggests some judgment against being Jewish. Look here, has entered a vigorous protest against the apos. And out of jest he suggests that should the loan not be repaid in time Shylock may cut off one pound of flesh from Antonios body. Many suggesting that he is akin to the devil.

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I think it would be difficult not to feel some sympathy for Shylock as all the characters celebrate at the end while he is all alone.