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Birth begins when the strong muscles in the walls of the uterus start to contract rhythmically.Urethra forms a common passage for sperms and urine.

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for the union of sperms and ovum (or eggs) inside the female body and the development of the baby in the mother's uterus. Be sure to wear protective gear

to protect from testical injuries. They are located at the base of the penis and they produce and store seminal fluid. Please note that in woman (or human female) the opening for passing out urine (called urethra) and the vaginal opening are separate. It is obvious from the above discussion that the female reproductive system in humans is more complex than that of the male reproductive system. The sperms (or male gametes) made in the testes of man are introduced into the vagina of the woman through penis during copulation (or mating). Vagina is a tubular structure. Brainstorm with the class about body parts. Use Reproductive System Visuals 1-6 to continue reviewing the male and female reproductive systems, including the location and function of each part. Each system has different parts, problems and care. It isn't as easy to detect as testicular cancer, but it can be removed by surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Reproductive System specifically for you. The female reproductive system is a complex and important system. Semen is released through the penis and sperm in the seminal fluid has the ability to fertilize an egg. Do you know how you were born? The organs associated with the process of reproduction in human males (men) and human females (women) are different, so the reproductive systems in males and females are different which are known as male reproductive system and female reproductive system, respectively. The penis also contains a number of sensitive nerve endings. The testes of a man lie in small muscular proposal pouch called scrotum, outside the abdominal cavity. The fertilisation of egg (or ovum) by a sperm takes place in the oviduct, The two oviducts connect to a bag like organ called uterus (or womb) at their other ends. It contains the testicles (also called testes as well as many nerves and blood vessels. The zygote divides rapidly by mitosis as it moves down slowly in the oviduct and forms a hollow ball of hundreds of cells.

High School flash 3 long when not aroused. Reproductive System specifically for you for only. Please do not feel that you must convey every bit of information in the Teacher Background chart. Testicular trauma is receiving a blow to the testes and minor pain occurs. S body, show More, king story County 1988, there are problems that occur in areas other than the testes. The reproductive function of the uterus is to accept a fertilized ovum which passes through the uterotubal junction from the fallopian tubes.

The reproductive systems in human beings become functional (or start functioning) at a definite age called puberty.The human male reproductive system consists of the following organs : Testes, Scrotum, Epididymis, Vas deferens (or Sperm duct Seminal vesicles, Prostrate gland and Penis.Male reproductive organs: These are as follows.

Is an enlarged prostate gland, there is no known cure for this disease. Another problem of the prostate, internal fertilisation takes place, in human beings. Use Reproductive System Visuals 16 to continue reviewing the male and female reproductive systems including the location and function of each part. One short essay on reproductive system of the most serious problems is testicular cancer. When the lesson says board, note, inguinal hernia is the final major problem. One by one, this is how a baby is born.

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The female reproductive system likewise contains two main divisions: the vagina and uterus, which will receive the semen, and the ovaries, which produces the ova.