School in Theresa May s constituency begging for toilet rolls from

Furious parents blast schoolteachers for removing LOO

She said: I was shaken and nearly in tears, this is really desperate, the fact they are asking for office supplies and toilet paper.Parents are growing increasingly concerned and one says she was shaken and nearly in tears after discovering the school is begging for toilet paper.

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my children had a well-rounded education with extra-curricular activities than had to blow their noses on the carpet. Parent and Liberal Democrat supporter Catherine del Campo, who has

a 10-year-old daughter at the school, wrote. However, Maidenhead resident and governor at another local primary school, Simon Earl, tweeted in response : "As a Governor at St Luke's Primary I know that well led and managed schools don't need to resort to begging for supplies. Outraged dad Jason stormed: My son said his friend was in tears when a teacher asked the poor lad if he was going for a poo or a wee and counted off the sheets accordingly. What sort of school scrutinises the number of sheets of loo roll a kid needs? St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School sent an email out on Monday evening (June 11) with a link to the schools Amazon Wish List page. She said: It doesnt sit right with me that the government can find 50 million for grammar schools when others are begging for toilet paper. It read: "In addition we will be holding a non-uniform day on Thursday - instead of donating money we would like the children to bring in various 'essential' items such as stationary sic (e.g. Around 500 worth of goods were stacked up on a table in the school as parents took the message to heart during their weekly grocery shop. "Without resources, without toilet rolls, pencils, glue sticks, paper, our children can't be educated. "We can't continue toilet like this.". In March she told the House of Commons the Government was spending more on schools than ever before.

One parent even claimed a boy was left in tears after being asked by drugs a teacher whether he needed a poo or a wee and having a number of sheets counted off. Mrs Cooper, s governors, its certainly got more difficult over the last few years. S not just apos, to avoid any further incidents we have introduced a temporary system this week until lockable dispensers are installed over the Easter break. Who has been head teacher at the school for 13 years. There are different grants being removed.

The, uK, prime Minister has represented the constituency.As a parent, if the school is begging for toilet paper then it makes you wonder.Oldswinford Primary, school removed toilet roll from the toilets.

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Academies and councils stopped receiving the grant last September. Surely it would just be better to educate them about not putting too much down the toilet. Announced in May, acting headteacher Jo Seker said the decision saying there had been a number of incidents in recent weeks. Image copyright PA, as a parent, asking them to buy essential items. St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School in Maidenhhead. Is for selective schools that can prove their commitment to admitting disadvantaged pupils. Which was designed to iron out discrepancies in the way funding was applied to schools. Claiming it will be a fairer distribution and deliver higher per pupil funding in respect of every school.

The 420-pupil school is struggling to balance its books and has turned to parents for urgent help.In March, Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons it was spending more on schools than ever before.

Primary school removes loo paper from toilets, and parents are upset

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The letter by Laura Cooper, headteacher at St John's Primary School in Crowborough, East Sussex, invited parents to a meeting about the financial future of the school.