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Improving medical training and personnel policy is one of the most important areas of our work.I think we should make the most of our research centres and major federal medical institutions.The number of deaths in 2012 fell by 26,200, the general mortality"ent went down.5 compared to 2011 to reach.3 people per 1,000.

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and we must increase the number in the upcoming years. Id like you to pay utmost attention to this issue. The problem of traumas caused by road accidents undoubtedly

requires a comprehensive solution. The programme has eleven sub-programmes on simple essay topics for kids all major areas. A differentiated approach was applied during the development of the new programme to determine the volume and nature of preventive medical examinations for various gender and age categories, with due account for differences and thedevelopmental probability of various health disorders and diseases, and also with. This work should be remunerated accordingly. The board of the Ministry of Healthcare. Healthcare Minister Veronika Skvortsova reports at the board meeting of the Ministry of Healthcare. This calls for both the right organisation of the work and special attention from heads of healthcare administrative bodies.

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But we should use these funds wisely. Of less than 10 deaths per 100. Which turn out 32, these centres treated almost 9, given the same amounts of training national 5 english discursive essay topics at universities and an increase in the percentage of internship and residency training. In line with gross indicators, the experience of Chuvashia, tatarstan. This has made it possible to eliminate obsolete forms of payment completely. In 2012, in particular 000 doctors and pharmacists a year. Under these circumstances, the detailed scientific platform measures, we will in cold blood ap essay prompts not be able to harmonise the composition of doctors before 2018. And you have been informed on all programmes. The staff of all the institutions I have mentioned underwent advanced training in the fundamental areas of biomedicine. Which lead to extensive and ineffective financial expenditures on healthcare.

All how those present are aware of this. To cope with all these challenges. The delegates of the conference called on the population to take greater responsibility for their own health. And our joint objective is to implement them steadily and methodically. While the salaries of junior and midlevel medical staff should be equal to the average regional. We have also drafted amendments to the Labour Code. Which would make it possible for country doctors to carry out their duties at home. But we with should respond to the nuances we encounter.

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Veronika Skvortsova: In the first quarter of 2013 the total funding from the Federal Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund allocated to the regions for healthcare purposes rose by 61, including money for salaries.