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We also cognitively develop triggers over time that allow us to feel a certain way during certain events.But the question remainsWhat management style is the best?Recognition nurtures the ego and differentiates people from their peers (Shubert, 2006, para.5).

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learn how to become an effective manager but leadership is not always something that effective managers can learn. Or have an employee set up a humor board where

employees can contribute jokes or funny pictures. By doing that, the leader let members feel engaged in the process; therefore they are more enthused and creative. The leaders are also willing to take charge when necessary. Whenever possible, update your team on anything from small successes/concerns to large restructuring possibilities so that they are aware of whats going on at all times. The leader can know what the problem that needs to be fixed is or a goal to be achieved. But management could not be replaced all by leadership because it is still essential for daily task, especially in some unique working environment and cultures. Determine what type of manager your candidate is likely to be by using a management style assessment.

By showing physical and mental patience. They take action to achieve their vision because they actually have a real passion. The great evolution of new technology. The decisionmaking was less qualities of what makes a good manager essay creative, by looking at many examples from the history. Being receptive to these ideas and successfully leading subordinates to make those ideas a success are important in addition to delegating day to day tactical decisions. Managers know that orders and plans are essential and their task is to keep their vision on the current goals of the company.

A good manager can be his/her own abilities to the management skills and the confidence.The managerial skills matter most.

Leaders are people with good communication skill. When a manager has integrity, they will do recruitment and selection people for appropriate positions. Subordinates will understand and respect the qualities of what makes a good manager essay decisions of their manager as a leader.

The leader creates a trust and inspires the followers. .The dictionary defines management as the act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something (as a business) (Shubert, 2006, para.1).In fact, many people could see things that should be done, the problems that should be fixed.

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Evaluate the complementarity level between the manager and his/her team members. .