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Most Comepetent Authorities require exam question databases be reviewed annually (sometimes bi-annually) and redundant questions withdrawn from use, and at least 10 new questions added.We have available three types of questions: Stock Questions, these are sold to any organisation and as such, are considered to be in the public domain. .Cost.50 per question (plus VAT if applicable) for the initial order.

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are not sold to individuals. Frequently Asked Questions section). All questions are written by TTS and are kept out of the public domain. . Print Exam Reports and

Examinee Reports. Questions are fully editable, with the ability to add diagrams if necessary. . You can choose how many questions you want to buy, per Module, or how many examination papers you would like. . For Aircraft epq 5000 word essay example Maintenance Training, the Exam Management System meets requirements of easa, FAA and other NAAs. For a short synopsis and video, click here. For 2x exams, you will need 1,384 questions costing 3,460 and. QBgenerator Exam Management Software If you are looking for an exam management software, specifically developed for Part-66 syllabus and exams, where you can upload your own questions, edit questions, generate Part-66/147 compliant exam papers, deliver in paper format or on-screen (via secure Wi-Fi store results. As such, they are not normally considered suitable for official examination by a Part-147 organisation or a Competent Authority. . Print Certificates (easa Part-147 format the QBgenerator comes with over 7,000 'stock' questions loaded by default. . However, you can either enter your own additional questions (if you have them already in some electronic format, such as MSWord or we can supply more questions (up to 20,000 multiple choice 'stock' questions are available across all Part-66 modules, or 'secure' questions. They are written "on-demand" and after we deliver, we destroy our copy. . Any organisation wishing to buy these questions are required to sign. For subsequent orders, the questions must be hand-picked carefully. We install it for you (on any windows based PC/laptop, or your intranet server and provide training on how to use. . Each question, constructed as above, is delivered in the format of your choice (MSWord, msxls, txt file etc.) with the following information: the correct answer (A, B or C the Level (1, 2 or 3 Reference to learning objective (from Part-66 syllabus Reference to module. The exam management system uses a database from which it picks questions for its examination papers. These are sold only to Part-147 organisations or Competent Authorities. .

Exam generations are highly configurable, the subsections, the number of questions and the Licence Category. As not a part of an ongoing learning process. Download sample Module 7 questions, as examples, b1 and. B2 etc, when you have decided and made your changes to suit your requirements. You can select the module, this depends on the Licence Categories.

Online Mod" the spreadsheets will show you how many questions you will need to buy in total. All questions are written by TTS and are kept out of the public domain. Automated correction of both paper based and online exams via gems OMR. You can also choose how many questions you would like per subsection. And what information comes with each question. Lets examinees do paperless exams at computer screens including tablets with automatic marking. You can let us decide on the questionspersubsection breakdown.

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What is the cost per question?Note: if a question can be used in more than one Module, for example where some Subsections of Module 11A is the same content and same Level (1,2 or 3) in Module 13, we charge only once for the question.

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It is usual for organisations offering official examinations to hold 2 or 3 examination papers in each Module.