Unit 6 : P 5, reflect on own personal and professional development

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I felt this was helpful in reminding me how important assertiveness skills can improve patient care (Morris Turnbull, 2006).It highlighted that most student nurses were assertive but chose not to display this skill to maintain positive interpersonal relations and avoid conflict.

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and staff nurses alike by expressing their dislikes, disagreements and sometimes even anger when offered treatment, I have observed that patients sense how the student nurses present themselves and

could base their decision. To do this you will need to prepare a questionnaire beforehand. D2 Evaluate own development over the duration of the programme Task 4: Write an evaluation of your own development over the duration of the course. McCloughen, OBrien Jackson (2010) defines a mentor as someone that helps others grow by teaching them, encouraging them and being interested in their success. If the things I am doing are adequate and suitable to take my pupils to achieve their goal to communicate in the target language. Students are reminded of the importance of the correct use of grammar and punctuation. Conversely, these poor coping strategies I adopted were highlighted in a qualitative study by Fischhoff et al, (2011) where common coping strategies utilised by student nurses being assertive in clinical settings are explored. I also felt this research was significant for me to work on my assertiveness, because it had an effect towards the patient and me as a future qualified nurse. Nonetheless, Phillips and Simmonds (2012) phenomenological study supported this descriptive study and further on said this is a key concern for some student nurses within practice setting. Almost also considered the conflicts mainly developed from the multi-professional roles that student nurses have and that the basic nursing functions how of caring and controlling can result in tension. Tommy is a 50 year old who suffers from right leg cellulitis and lives alone with his cat. We will write a custom essay sample. The perceptions of the participants risks involved in not being assertive and the focal point must be on changing these perceptions rather than attempting to change student nurses values or focusing solely on specific assertive behaviours to improve student emotional intelligence. You will need to describe the following: Type of provision (what service does it provide, what are its aims and objectives) Who funds it Who can go there (access the service) Any barriers there are to accessing the service The organisations Policies and Procedures How. This account will identify practical needs that I must improve with supportive evidence based research, and evaluate the impact of this need for my personal development as a future qualified nurse.

It has not been easy but challenging and interesting. Even though the patient seemed reluctant. I could only move forward and continue to develop my learning proficiency as a student nurse towards professional competency as a qualified nurse. Will have to find the time to keep preparing to improve show more content. In addition, write an action plan which needs to contain at least 10 short term up to 6 months and at least 5 longterm goals minimum. UK Reference Copied to Clipboard, assignment due in, this can help me in preparation to become more aware of how I feel. Smith 2013 identified that 70 per cent n49 of university students preferred mentors to do all the assertiveness communication for them due to underestimating their ability. Assignment due in, tommy fully scissors realised that he should comply with the nurse as she understood the consequences if his pains were not treated Cole.

Through this short account I will reflect on my own personal and professional development mainly using the principles of Gibbs cycle of reflection.My development in both areas can be attributed to my personal learning plan.Although I have included an extract from my reflective journal, more.

P5 reflect on own personal and professional development essay

Health and social care workers, eg managers, administrators 9page. Majority of student nurse depend on their mentors to be assertive and sometimes adopt it as coping strategies. Role of professional bodies, we will write a custom essay sample on National Health and Social Care specifically for you. You may like to interview them about their jobs. P5 Reflect on own personal and professional development Task. In the process of this learning experience I felt well supported by my mentor giving me several opportunities to practice my handover until I felt more confident and less anxious because she created quality time for me and necessary feedback driver that helped my learning need. Eg medical and nonmedical laboratory staff. Training and qualifications, health and social care professions, professions allied to medicine. This need is an ongoing process of development for. It is qualitative design allows an insight into the student nurses experience of assertiveness coping strategies Parahoo.

A qualitative study conducted by Lyndon (2006) mentioned that student nurses ability to make a clinical decision could be influenced by patient situation, availability of resources and interpersonal relationships.The report could help you develop a suitable action plan for pass.This study has an impact in addressing my need and offered help on how to be assertive when dealing with difficult patients.

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The need to improve this skill was established from my mentors feedback and I agreed that it must be developed in order to help avoiding errors in future practice, improving my decision-making skills and professional satisfaction.