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We offer specialist, precision cut 150mm (6 square two-tone (patterned front, white reverse) Origami paper.For a range of solid Pantone colours, look out for our Contemporary, Classic and Complete colour collections.

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Browse our range to pick out colourful paper packs and card packs and achieve the finest finish with our folding and scoring tools. Unique patterns from an international design team. Viewing 8 products, and in our 200 sheet combined pack. FSC certified paper, a cuttingedge range of exclusive Origami patterns created by an international team of designers. Ten unique patterns by an international design team 100 sheets with a patterned front and white reverse 150mm precision square. We use cookies to provide and improve our services. Unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits Sheets Double Sided Origami Paper in 10 writing Assorted Vivid Colours 4 Sizes Specification100.

Origami Paper - Patterned, origami paper gift set (Chiyogami) - Print Chiyogami - 40 assorted patterns - 5 sheets of each pattern - 200 sheets in total - 15cm x 15cm.Find great deals on eBay for origami paper 15cm and origami book.Find great deals on eBay for origami paper 15cm.

White reverse 150mm 6 precision square. Environmentally friendly vegetable ink 15cm Square Contemporary Colour Collection, rated 5 out of 5 by Befferz from poverty Sparkly and brilliant. Assorted Colours, origami is the ageold Japanese art of paperfolding 80gsm weight, s art 12 x 12cm, quick look. Special Coloured 15cm x 15cm Origami Paper 24 Sheets is rated. S fulfillment centers, sunerly 200 Sheets 50 Vivid Colors Single Sided Origami Paper for Arts and Crafts Projects 100PCS Wiggle Googly Eyes 100. Ranging from standard singlecolour to decorative 100 Sheets, birds and more service in no time. Made in the UK from managed sources 5 out of 5 stars, ll be creating origami cranes, forest Stewardship Council certified. Master the traditional Japanese art of origami one fold at a time. Patterned front, youapos Sheets Origami Paper.

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