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Oranges Lemons reviewed: Ground and Sky.February 22 t has published Apples and Lemons: an Interview with XTC.

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of conversations about fifty years of classic British songwriting. Andy Partridge acted as executive producer of Sunlit Night. January 25 The release of A Coat of Many Cupboards

has been pushed back a month to 25 March. April 11 Don Leibold of Milk magazine has reviewed Wasp Star. Visit the TVT Records XTC Microsite! February 13 Matt Keeley scanned the photo from the Drums and Wires lyrics sheet. April 26 Coat of Many Cupboards reviewed: cdnow Plato Mania Dagsavisen. November 18 Robert Mallows contributed this review of Apple Box from Classic Rock magazine. Lyrics to XTC demo tracks keep pouring in like rain: Keith Hanlon has transcribed Easter Theatre, Brookes McKenzie has transcribed Dame Fortune, Church of Women and Pupil Haze planning ; Joshua Hall-Bachner (AKA. I'm working through my backlog again: today we feature images of front and back of the XTC Discography (Brad Nelson, Bremerton, Washington a 1982 promo photo from Epic Records USA, and a 1989 promo photo from Geffen Records USA, all from the collection of Bill. February 26 Andy Partridge appeared on the Tracey McLeod show on BBC 6 Sunday morning, February. September 16 Now available: the entire text of the 1992 Geffen Records press release. February 12 Fuzzy Warbles, Volumes 1 2 reviewed:.

But often in subtle and perhaps devious. The advert for the HMV appearance. S a Small World for Andy Partridge from Tracks. Today I found this scan of the cover of the Canadian 5 Senses 12incher. March 14 Bill Wikstrom sent in improved images of the front and back covers of the 3D Single. April 27 papers Monstrance reviewed, october 18 More backlog from the collection of Bill Wikstrom. Tour poster from May 1982 cancelled performance at the Ritz 2012, oh, and if you notice anything broken.

The CD features a gcse completely new stereo album mix. While the BluRay features a wealth of content. March 11 Wes Long added a few more to his collection of XTC pins. Pupils choosing to study gcse Physical Education learn about the holistic benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and the impact that exercise has on the body and mind.

Philip Brands sent in a few lovely pics: the front cover, back cover, A-side label and B-side label of the original issue of the.January 28 Matt Kaden disses Oranges Lemons.

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November 13 Print out your own Go 2 and Rag Bone Buffet CD booklet inserts (see the Product and Merchandise page for more information).