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1980 Nike goes public with 2 million shares of common stock.Based on findings, the following recommendations are being made for Nike Inc.: Improve quality and brand name image of ACG, Nikes All Conditions Gear line for extreme sports; use money more efficiently by expanding promotions into entertainment; expand marketing efforts in the casual footwear lines;.

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m/customer_service/ (accessed 20 February 2010). To the firm, a high current ratio will hopefully indicate liquidity, but it can also mean that the firm is inefficient in using its

cash and short-term assets. The company managed to distinguish and establish its products by using a different marketing approach from its competitors and by improving its brand identity and consumer awareness. Nike is an American multinational corporation, which produces footwear, clothes, equipment and other active sport items (Feifer 2014). Another is the maturing market in athletic shoes. Another related issue nike is the over marketization of the swoosh. Adidas is more oriented on the brand of their product than on clients requirements. Weaknesses There are weaknesses that Nike has gained for a couple of different reasons. Therefore Nike must regularly market their products and personalize their brands against rivals to increase market share and sales. Nike who has a huge market share is able to control its costs to maintain performance advantage over emerging competitors in the industry. (1998) ' Marketing Management - Analysis, Planning, Implementation, and Control '. The association of a motivational slogan "Just Do It" with athletes that emphasize competition, fitness and sportsmanship, helped the company to position its product on the market as being of high-quality.

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000 1966, and has served in that capacity nike since 1977. Is Nikes current Vice Chairman of the Board. Although they seem to be doing a good job of liquidating their inventory assets. One of Nikes most important sustainable competitive advantages is their intangible assets. The sales usually significantly increase Nan Rajagopalan 2009. Loyalty and trust will be quickly gained if the brad has a strong identity. Available from, nikes future is extremely promising as the company expects to continue penetrating new markets. Donahue, potential and direction for operations, it was analyzed and a swot analysis was conducted for Nike to reveal strengths. Increasing sales and mitigating product costs.

Executive Summary, nike is an incorporated company that operates primarily in the.Those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views.

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Knight receives a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University and makes up a company named Blue Ribbon Sports BRS 1964. Who buy individually and not as a group. And product features, essays, the manufacturing takes place where labor is cheap. Also 91, there is a very large group of potential customers. Bowerman continues tinkering with new designs for athletic shoes epigram 1962. Customer logic is derived from evaluation of a company and its product based upon customer needs. Buyers are usually afraid to buy new products from new competitors once they have a good relationship with the company they are used.

Kotler (1998) define corporate social responsibility as "a commitment to improve community well-being through discretionary business practices and contributions of corporate resources".While Nike presently employs state-of-the-art technology in its production, there is a chance another company will invent better and cheaper methods of production which could result in loss of sales for Nike.

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This number is lower then the industry standard.23 of equity for every dollar.(7) In order to catch up to the average standards, Nike Inc, would have to improve how efficiently they manage their equity.