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As a result of this not much energy will be created and heat will not be lost to the more.Evaluation In this experiment I felt a lot could go wrong and there were a lot of inaccuracies.

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breaking bonds it requires energy, which means it's a endothermic reaction because the heat in the surrounding is absorbed to break the chemical more. Although looking closely at

my results I see that the amount of acid taken to neutralise the alkali wasnt exactly the same. I extrapolated my line of best fit and have indicated it by showing it as the red dotted line. Place the clamp and burette on the floor. This would have an affect on my results. So for this reason I will wear safety goggles at all times during the experiment, or if any explosions occur I will not damage my eyes. Take the reading from the burette and take.2ml away to find the exact reason. Use acid from the same stock as it is mixed by the technicians and could be slightly different. The temp in the room could affect the rates of reaction of the acid. ( Measuring the quantities incorrectly. Extracts from this document. I predict that for Monoprotic Nitric Acid: scholarships Concentration of Acid x Volume of Acid Concentration of Alkali x Volume of Alkali The amount of acid needed to neutralise an alkali (Molarity of Alkali x Volume of Alkali) Molarity of Acid (MAl x VAl) MA This.

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Repeat the ticket whole process off stepped addition but change the frame amount of the Ammonium Hydroxide base to 20ml. To have a well ventilated room because Ammonium Hydroxide can burn the inside of your nose. My evidence is enough to support my conclusion because the prediction I made was correct as shown from my results 1 ratio, t rinse the measuring cylinder which I was using to measure out the volumes of Acid. In my experiment I repeated the process three times for each amount of ammonium hydroxide. This is especially important as the burette is made out of glass. Pour 10cm3 of hydrochloric acid using a measuring cylinder.

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To improve my method to get more accurate evidence I would change steps 3 and. A neutralisation reaction will be an exothermic reaction because its making bonds. But as this is blood past the compulsory point of neutralisation she took. Which is exothermic because of the heat it gives out. Example of this is a combustion reaction 2ml off the reading to get the exact result.

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Neutralization of H2SO4 NaOH(aq) H2SO4 - Na2SO4(aq) H20(l) The enthalpy of neutralisation for strong acids are similar, because 'strong acids fully disassociate in water therefore all hydrogen ions and all hydroxide ions react to from more.