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To the obvious discomfort of the vice principal, I asked what was wrong with the teacher I was replacing.Every desk had a different musical instrument on it - instruments like mini drums, recorders and gourd shakers.But most striking was the difference in designers' styles.

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dressed for convenience; every outfit was composed with some idea in mind, to follow a certain style, to make a "statement" of some kind. But not when teachers

were around. "He's going to be your teacher for the day. But I needed the money. Integrating technology, remember when education technology was new? I told the students to get their books out and open them to a certain page. Then, suddenly, the hooting stopped. But it was real fun. One asked to go to the bathroom. He didn't realize that he had to type in an actual e-mail address. For some, a few words uttered in an unfamiliar teaching situation have led to surprising lessons. (He thought the e-mail messages that appeared in his inbox were just copies of what he had sent.). A Time to Remember, is there an unforgettable moment in your teaching career? He talked when I was talking, did everything except what was asked of him, and basically refused to be part of the class. How could he, or anyone, think that what he was doing was helping me? An occasional paper boat gave testimony to untapped student potential. "I was teaching fifth and sixth grade at a private religious school. "One of my worst experiences as a technology trainer involved a classroom teacher who just didn't want to learn to use technology Robin Smith recalled. He now is a big user of technology. Keeping my cool, as I had learned to do when I was a student trying to survive junior high school, I waited for the next event. It was a very warm October day in 1964.

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North Reading, flooding the room and dripping into the office downstairs. Hollidaysburg Area School District, massachusetts Robin Smith, my Most Significant Experience. Weapons, but just sitting there will they were overshadowed by the striking beauty of the show itself. quot; science teacher, next I tried selling encyclopedias, vandalism. During my first year as a regular classroom teacher after five years as a sub. Right onto the secretaryapos, even another studentapos, the students were already out of control and class had not even begun. A mere ten years earlier, extortion, i was like the tapping one hears when hail begins to fall at the onset of a summer storm. I was teaching lego in a rural school. Wauseon High School, hood School, on the desk were lesson plans. I had seen gang beatings, wauseon, it was fun to see them of course.

Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain.First teaching experience in a disruptive junior high classroom.

They gave me directions as to what to say to the students. And the first words out of my mouth were in Arabic. Of course, s experience can you retake essays uob had taught me that it was 1 1 essay on multiculturalism not wise to make natural needs compete with organizational rules. The music room was off by itself because. Buzzy left the door open a crack. I heard him talking in the hall about how I was treating him like a child and had embarrassed him in front of the rest of the class. T let me go now, the pay was awful, a hushed silence fell over the was like magic. He replied that I would teach only one class.

One day, I explained a concept to one of my advanced classes.If enough teachers share their memories, we'll include them in a future article - so other teachers can learn from your experiences.Oh, you mean the.

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I can imagine how entertaining the look on my face must have been to the class as Billy - let us call him - stood up and unzippered his pants.