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Sometimes I do homework till the late night.And there I have a real rest.

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our working week comes to an end we are very happy to meet days off, because it is a good time to have a rest, to communicate with

friends and relatives or dedicate this time to yourself. If the weather is rainy and gloomy, I stay at home and watch TV, listen to the music, read, the books. For that reason I visit additional courses and activities. Do you invite friends and relatives for dinner? Sunday evening I did my homework and went to bed early, so as not to be late for school. On this day I dont get up early, I can sleep more than usual because there is no need to hurry anywhere. (I go to school (university) on foot.). Ive moved. It is a time for a good rest. I am not an early riser and it is a rare Saturday or Sunday when I get up before 9 o'clock. Then in the morning my father and I go to the supermarket to buy the necessary food and mother cooks tasty dishes. We even have our favourite one. On Sunday it was really hot, so I swam in a lake with my friends. On Saturday I went for a walk with my friends there. Often we go to the park and play there. I usually go to school (university) by bus. It is one of the numerous traditions of our family. At 5-6 oclock I like to play with my friends. If it is cold I like to sit there with cup of coffee and read. I like weekends very much, because I can rest and gain some energy for the next week. I try to relax in full force and effect. Television shows many interesting programmes on Sunday. Normally at the weekends, I tend to spend time with my family or friends. At school (university) I usually have a dinner. I really love weekends. What do you like to do when you are at home? Sometimes when my friends call me we go roller blading near the Opera theatre.

Then we played badminton and beach volleyball. I study six days a week thats why I try to spend my only day off i am sam disability essay merrily and interestingly. So these weekends were no exception. I like to sleep so much, sometimes I cant meet with friends and then I spend the whole evening with my parents and elder sister. Three times a week I go to the Music School. I get up, i go to our schhol university topics to do an argumentative essay on canteen. My name is Catherine, i get away and go to the bus stop. And I usually go to bed very late.

My day off essay

Im fifteen years old, in the evening I had a dinner with my family. In the evening I meet with friends and we go the cinema. Its high time, park or museum, drink CocaCola. We go to the theatre or to the concert hall together. I always try to do my homework on weekdays. Eat ice cream and chat about everything. Sometimes on Sundays we invite our close friends and relatives for dinner. I always go to bed late on Sundays. In the evening I usually do my homework. I like to listen to music, and there is no exceptions for.


We have late breakfast at 10 and watch.But I try to have a snack (sandwiches, eggs, porridge and so on).

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During the week I am very busy, so I like to have a rest on weekend.