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Unlike the Greeks and Macedonians, they did not believe themselves to be superior to the people they conquered.Hephaestion - son of Amyntor, was a Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army.

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it with Macedonian rule, instead he took several actions to actively encourage the combination of the two cultures. After his victory Alexander then turned south and by the winter

of 332.C.E, Alexander controlled Syria, christine atha design cultural writing thesis essay Palestine, and Egypt. Strict adolescence storm and stress essays Macedonian Garrisons and a pro- Macedonian Government were in play to maintain order and provide a tool if there was disorder. Those who are to live under the same king should enjoy the same rights.!!! Division between Old Guard and New Guard The division of the Old and New Guard is shown through the Old Guards more extreme reactions to Alexanders Policy of Fusion early on in the piece. He also justied his actions around marriage by saying that his intention was to erase all distinction between conquered and conquerer. He wore a purple tunic, gold cloak and belt and a jewelled scabbard. When news of these murders, including the king's, became public two separate revolts happened and. Alexander showed his policy in various ways, both big and small. This ultimately made Curtius Rufus less reliable than Arrian and Plutarch. Alexander The Great of Macedonia lived 356-323BC. At a young age, King Phillip influenced Alexander in the arts of martial arts, fencing, riding and athletics. Serious On-Topic Comments Only: No Jokes, Anecdotes, Clutter, or other, digressions. Alexander on the other hand, was dealing with two tangibly different cultures and needed fusion to effectively rule over both. These incidents prove how adamant Alexander was to continue with his policy, using brutality for the greater good of ensuring harmony between two peoples. His rst action, after entering the great city, was to restore the temples that were destroyed by Xerxes, including the great Temple of Bel, where he made a sacrice. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Hutchinson Co (Publishers) LTD page 28 Plutarch. Hamilton states that: Philips policy was primarily aimed at the advancement of Macedon and for this he found Greeks useful, perhaps essential. Arrian states that: they did not stand passively in respectful silence, but shouted to him to dismiss every man of them and carry on with his father, mocking Ammon by this remark.

Model essay alexadner's policy of fusion

Before Persepolis Alexanders men followed their leader blindly. Cleitus Cleitus the Black was the Commander of zero tolerance essay the Royal Squadron of Companion Cavalry and a friend of Philip. Where captured people were barbarians, treated worse than animals, his concept was simple. Tolerate the native customs and religion and adopt some of the native customs. Report Comments That Break Reddiquette or the Subreddit Rules. Previously considered barbarians were made Satraps of provinces with the most signicant being Mazeaeus reestablished as satrap of Babylon and Porus. His concept was simple, in around 550 BC Cyrus expanded his annexed Median and Persian lands to include the Fertile Cresent. According to Curtius Rufus Alexander justied his entire conquest by saying that he had hoped to annex his empire type your question and it writes an essay for you to many famous peoples.

The vastly different styles of Kingship highlighted the need for a policy of Fusion!Philips policies for dealing with conquered people differed vastly to Alexanders Policy of Fusion.Policy of, fusion is considered by some to have stemmed from necessity.

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Answers, similarities and Differences, he falls down, s Impact on the World Essay. Original, researcher Herodotus of Halicarnassus observed the practice. And if essay one is of much less noble rank than the other.

Etched on a clay cylinder, this charter set forth Cyrus goals and policies.He destroyed Thebes, located in upper Egypt, for rebelling against him.This tell us that.

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(Nicholas Ed Foster, Thesis LSU).