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Work experience and mini pupillages

Applicants who are considered to meet the above criteria by the Mini-Pupillage Co-ordinator, in his or her absolute discretion, will be offered a mini-pupillage, usually for a duration of up to five consecutive working days, within the next slot reasonably available.Applying, there are far more people who want to do mini-pupillages than there are slots available at most sets.Remember that there isnt a right answer; the interviewer just wants to see whether you can stand your ground.

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the barrister must ensure that the mini-pupil/work experience student returns or disposes of such materials in so far. It is likely that cases involving children and/or persons with physical

and/or mental disabilities may involve the disclosure of sensitive personal data, and may not be appropriate for a mini-pupil/work experience student to observe or read. Some members of chambers do some public law-based work, and some have done international cases, but we are mainly a regulatory and criminal set. Youll probably be told to contact someone specific the week before your mini-pupillage. Barristers are paid to have an opinion, so adopt one for the duration of the interview. Related to that, wear comfy shoes, and bring a bottle of water and a packed lunch! Where the applicant is unable to attend on the dates offered for good reason, and the applicant notifies the Mini-Pupillage Co-ordinator of such difficulty in good time, one further offer will be made for an alternative slot. Where practicable, the clerk or barrister should give advance warning to the professional and/or lay client of the proposed attendance by mini a mini-pupil/work experience student, and give them an opportunity to refuse. Particular consideration and assessment of the risks of disclosure must be had to cases which involve, or are likely to involve, the disclosure of personal data relating to the barristers lay client or third parties such as witnesses and opposing parties. For many barristers, the obligation to supervise mini-pupils is a pain in the neck. The decision of the Mini-Pupillage Co-ordinator shall be final.

Minipupillages are not assessed and are not a requirement for pupillage applicants. If theres anything else youd like to know. On each day of every the course. And no falling asleep, work Experience Information Sheet, and hmcts gives the addresses of courts online. In order to check them out for a job. Phones off in court, if not, it has real implications.

Mini-Pupillages : the Advantages and my Experiences.I undertook my first mini-pupillage (which was assessed) with a public law QC at a set of chambers in the Midlands.It was a great experience, and you do really learn a lot.

Applicants must be essay able to demonstrate a genuine interest in pursuing a career in at the Bar in England and life Wales and some potential to succeed. It may be more economical for you to purchase a weeklong London travelcard rather than buying daily tickets. It doesnt matter that you dont believe. Unless told otherwise, dont upset him unless there is a very good reason. But stick, showed me that I would prefer to practise in London.

Mini-pupillage, one Essex Court OEC

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These are crucial qualities for barristers.