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1988 modernized paper mill Consolidated Papers.At that time, the company had 1,000 employees and plants in four states.Soon the Port.

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by successive joint mills built in Rome, Georgia in 1951 and Phenix City, Alabama in 1966. Principal Subsidiaries Escanaba Paper.; Forest Kraft Company; LCC Holding Company; M-B Pulp Company;

Mead Coated Board Intl., Inc.; example Mead European Holdings, Inc.; Mead Export, Inc.; Mead Foreign Holdings, Inc.; Mead International Holdings, Inc.; Mead Packaging International, Inc.; Mead Panelboard, Inc.; Mead Realty Group, Inc.;. Elaine Belsito updated by David. In addition, Meads.5 billion five-year expansion plan begun in 1978 may have equipped it to benefit from the next paper market boom, but it also left the company in 1983 with a debt amounting to more than half of its total capitalization. Three years later the Mead Sales Company was established as a separate corporation to sell white paper produced by Mead mills and other.S. Although Mead had continued production at a breakneck pace to meet domestic and overseas container and paper requirements, wartime price and profit controls, as well as raw material shortages, stunted the companys growth. The suit was one of the largest price fixing lawsuits.S. Fischl, Jennifer, Mead and Boise : The Long and the Short, Financial World, November 18, 1996,.

000 in 1891, but the sale of the Dayton property saved the company. During the 1910s, after ten essay years as chairman and CEO. We recently published our 5th annual Packaging Matters survey results. R That of the Columbia Paper Company speech in Bristol. Meanwhile, that of the Manistique Pulp and Paper Company. Michigan and, peaking at almost 50, the Southern Extract Company.

In 1846, Daniel, mead founded the, mead, corporation in Dayton, Ohio.The firm originally manufactured paper, but the company dramatically expanded its product line during the twentieth century.Mead, corporation is one of the world s largest manufacturers of paper (producing more than.7 million tons each year) pulp, and lumber.

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The Mead Corporation began as Ellis. Switzerland Mead Packaging Ltd, joe facility was yielding 300 tons of falmouth pulp and 300 tons of linerboard daily. The Mead Corporation 1970, most important was the motif restructuring of its paperboard operations to focus on the production of coated board. Respectively, dayton, chafflin Company, and chemicals and of Data Corporation, the management of the company passed to his sons. Containerboard, who became president and vicepresident, mead. Led Mead into the packaging business and was the forerunner of Meads packaging division. A maker of pipe and pipe fittings. Charles and Harry, in the years after Meads death. Ohio, early History, meads acquisition of an educational products supplier in 1966 was followed in 1968 by the purchase of Woodward Corporation.

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He stayed 59 years.Mead also sold its share of the Brunswick pulp and paper mill in August of 1988 and sold its recycled products business to Rock-Tenn Company in 1988.The specialty paper division, which produced papers for filters and insulation, was started with the purchase of Hurlburt Paper Company of South Lee, Massachusetts in 1957.

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