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Advertisement, australasia, two further referenda can be held before 2022.Woking fairground disaster latest: Organisers claim ride wasnt being properly run.Leicester players in tears as stadium falls silent in emotional tribute to former owner Gay sauna for men apologises to transgender man for kicking him out because of his genita Asylum seeker student at secondary school accused of being thirty years OLD Army veteran targeted.

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Facebook changes in their news feed algorithm. It was found that many of the stories were coming from a small town in Macedonia where young people were using it

as a get-rich scheme, paying Facebook to promote their posts and reaping the rewards of the huge number visits to their websites. Brexiteer tells Owen Jones Remainers must 'GET over' Brexit referendum loss Lord Mayor of London ridicules Project Fear claims business 'looking beyond' Brexit BBCs Laura Kuenssberg makes devastating point ridiculing EU essay position on Irish border 'War is NOT over for desperate parents!' Legalised medicinal cannabis. Really though, if there's money to be made - and there is - you just have to get more creative.". When people say they are worried about people being misled, what they are really worried about is other people being misled, says Resnick. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center towards the end of last year found that 64 of American adults said made-up news stories were causing confusion about the basic facts of current issues and events. A SEA of shrouded figures across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be a focal point. Armistice Centenary: 'Drawing these figures connects us to the past'. In fact the UK pays around 276m a week to the EU because of a rebate. Researchers at the University of Mississippi and Indiana University are both working on an automated fact-checking system. Brussels conference to make Labour Party anti-semitism KEY issue. Aldi accused of gender bias by outraged male shopper Breast cancer:.5m women don't check for signs of disease Relatives of missing Suzy praying for 'closure' as police dig begins Budget did NOT set up snap election says May annonce brexit charm offensive: May holds talks. Image copyright National Report, image caption A US election story untainted by fact. There is great concern about how we control the dissemination of things that seem to be untrue Paul Resnick, University of Michigan. Yet Wikipedia itself - which can be edited by anyone but uses teams of volunteer editors to weed out inaccuracies - is far from perfect. She and her team have been working to identify fake news on the internet since 2015. Were seeing that shift already. Moy fears the traditional watchdogs and safeguards put in place to ensure those in power are honest are being circumvented by social media. Tragic story reveals how this common household substance could kill your dog 'We want to be great Britain again!' Frustrated Brexiteers demand May 'get out' of EU NOW Farage has this brilliant response to Tony Blair's repeated plea for second Brexit vote britains shame: Only.

The incentive is towards producing more and checking less. Weapos, claims party advisor in shock confession. I think it is going to be not figuring out what to believe but who to believe. quot; the policies in newsrooms havenapos, fears over record pension discussion cashin as OAPs use pensions as bank account.

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The major WHO put out a correction. Regardless, inaccurate information is a regular feature on the website and requires careful checking for anyone wanting to use. quot; it has also updated its advertising policies to reduce spam sites that profit off fake stories. The initial mistake reached far more people than the correction did. Ve had stories that have made.


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Listen to a special edition of BBC Trending on fake news on the BBC World Service.