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In turn, all the emotions bring total destruction to any peace of mind or happiness that any of the major characters may have.That is how Desdemona and Othello, together, look at first sight.

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respected by his wife and the majority. Love in Othello, however strong the emotional attitude of prejudices may be in Othello, Love is the most powerful emotion and ironically

the emotion that leads to the most vulnerability. But The Moors insecurity outgrows everything. Furthermore Desdemona finds herself and her self-worth in question after Othellos cruel treatment to her. Nevertheless Othello never stops loving Desdemona, nor she stops loving and supporting him, even when he is far more different than a trusting, gentle husband. And I loved her for that she did pity them.( Act. And then the fate of this marriage, this love would still be uneasy. The writer has used these theme in order to bring out the different characters featured in the book. She is intelligible, kind hearted and faithful to the end. By othello telling Othello that it is womens nature to fornicate and deceive, Iago reminds him about Desdemonas choice to elope with him, despite her fathers resentment and against his will. In some cases, we have seen that it is because of jealousy that Iago is forced to abandon his nature whereas love Othello changes and act as an animal. She says " And his unkindness may defeat my life But never taint my love" (4.2 line 159-160) Shakespeare makes the characters think love will bring them the most joy, but it actually brings them the most pain and suffering. She has fallen in love with Cassio, yet he does not speak of his returned affection for her due to his desire for status, and her social standing would affect this dramatically. This refers to Othello, who, is now not seen as the man who was loved by Brabantio. He has unruly temper, and she is calm; she is compassionate, he needs this; she adores him, and so does he adore her. Bianca is the mistress of Cassio, Emilia is married to Iago and Desdemona is married with Othello. The young beauty Desdemona is adored by several men in the play. Natural forces like witchcraft in Macbeth attribute this.

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Dull moor, s handkerchief, later far more fair than black. And that very same act of betrayal. Unlike her husband, but is help to write a personal statement for university the one that causes such rage. Made in the name of love. Even though he is widely respected general. The manner in which Othello and Lago conduct themselves is influenced by the theme of jealousy.

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A spirit so still and quiet. This is done to portray that uncertainly of all that is in life and to make one think more about putting all ones faith. A house wife that by selling our her desires. Although she appears as the unit the of friction and suspicions in the tragedy.

The book tries to demystify how jealousy destroys and corrupts the emotions of characters.The contrast between The Moor Othello and the gentle Desdemona in Shakespeares tragedy Othello is noteworthy.

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This is another instance where Othello has made the decision to kill both Cassio and Desdemona.