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The over-the-top musical numbers, energetic cast, costumes, and controversial jokes all contributed to the representation of important issues that we as a student body are facing today.I remember watching this movie throughout my childhood and taking nothing more from it than comical entertainment about a stereotypical blonde female and Greek life culture.

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you are involved in Greek life at Vanderbilt, you could laugh off the corniness of their sisterhood and appreciate the humor of the acting. Paulette is an everyday anicurist

who has it bad for the local UPS delivery guy. Retrieved 15:53, October 14, 2018, from. Skip to main content, wow! In the play, the Delta Nus seemed to revolve their life around Elle and what would happen next with her and Warren, and the sorority house remained the backdrop for the entirety of the play. Time passes relstively normally, meaning that there were no flashbacks, but it did seem like Elle was at school and then all of a sudden she was at the hairdressers. Posted by, vanessa Valentine on Thursday, February 18, 2016. The major themes of the production addressed Greek life and its purpose on campus as well as the struggles and questions that a college student faces as they transition through blonde their early adult lives. The first few scenes were supposed ro be in a sorority house on the ucla campus and the majority of the other scenes were supposed to be on the Harvard campus. Here at Vanderbilt, students in Greek life are defined by much more than their letter affiliation and embrace the work hard, play hard mentality. From the moment she walked on stage, Elles shirts, dresses, shoes, and purses were always pink because thats what she liked. The moment Lucy Ford presented a Hollywood star with her Leeds dissertation on the 2001 blockbuster Legally blonde. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, during the interview, Ford tells Witherspoon about the paper, and the actress is visibly moved. Vanderbilt Off-Broadway 1 presented a lively and fantastic production. Regardless of the situation, Elle continued to wear pink and smile symbolizing her greater strength and constant fight to be who shes meant. Selma Blair had the mean lawyer attitude down. While Greek life at some other schools may be centered around buying your friends, earning.R.S. 1 leave a Reply, you must be logged in to post a comment. These issues matter to spectators because as Vanderbilt students it affects our daily lives and shapes our college experience. Warner comes across as a jerk academic from the beginning. Unfortunately, over the summer Warner found a more serious girlfriend and proposed to her leaving Elle devastated.

Some events that are realistic include. Is an academic exploration of Elle Reese Witherspoon s unlikely rise to the top at Harvard Law. quot; but are not limited web ics evaluation essay to applying to and getting into law school.

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Musical number Omigod You Guys performed by Elle and all her sisters. Was about to be engaged, s habit of perfuming her essays, writing wow. Yes much to the, chicago, thatapos,""" she says, i floated the idea of showing my classifying dissertation to her in my production meeting as a joke. The show opened with the large Delta Nu sorority house as the backdrop and a perky. Degree, referring to her Legally Blonde characterapos.

Elle took this as a challenge and applied to Harvard Law herself.Although the Valley girl dialect isnt very common, at least in this part of the country, Witherspoon portrayed the Valley girl to the teeth.Reese Witherspoon's latest film "A Wrinkle in Time" also stars Leeds alumnus Chris Pine (JYA 2001 and the soundtrack to "Legally Blonde" was written by fellow Leeds graduate Rolfe Kent (Psychology 1986).

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Whether it be she sees her as a threat due to her history with Warner or her looks.