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Both texts show forms of non-standard spelling, however, I believe these are for very different reasons.America through film or trade.Science new inventions requiring new lexis.

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commonly heard by soldiers of the time. In text E we see an overall formal register adopted, this could simply be the manner in which the author speaks to

his father and could adopt more informality summary response essay topics if the letter was to a friend. This would create a difference in the intended audiences as text A is private and written to be viewed by the author alone, while text C is written to be viewed by a large audience of mainly females. This difference in time will indicate many advances of the English Language. In text C we see negative connotations through emotive lexis aimed at creating humour as the fictional author attempts to show her distress at being alone, for example we see panic and ruin. In text E we see hyperbole through will kill half of us, which helps show the dire situation and the falling morale of the troops. Technological changes to the language are also evident in the opening address of both letters. However, Text C needs to appear as though describing events whilst attaining its primary purpose of entertaining its audience. Pamulang University 2015, language change, definition, language change is a phenomenon ryan hurst essay opie winston studied both by historical linguists and sociolinguists. The use of modern colloquialisms of redders and honking help give text F further informality and humour. The structure of both texts clearly shows the change in the English language between the twp pieces. The use of some figurative imagery is evident in both texts. The use of inconsistent capitalisation is also seen in text E, we seethe pronoun of i and I showing once again the authors lack of education through their inconsistency. This helps keep the reader at ease as these aspects are more commonly seen in spoken utterance. In text E we see more informative adjectives used to help show the authors feelings and the grim situation which the y are in, for example we see severe and heavy rain.

Text A has no adjectives which could help indicate that adjectives are used in text C to help keep the reader interested as it is a fictional piece. In text F we see far gamsat essay question generator more simplistic adjectives used giving less information but adding extra emphasis to the humour of the text. This may show the author writing in the manner of how the words were spoken english a level papers at the time as although the author is educated they may not have been taught how to spell.

A level language change essay.Rochelle salt synthesis essay argumentative essay graffiti art crimes essay about energy crisis in nepal mojaza bob such euthanasia essay landscape history and the pueblo imagination essay the mexican race in east los angeles essays madhya nished essay writing zidane coup.Comparing the texts helps show the changing English language in a short period of time, with the main reason being technological and educational advances.

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This could indicate the essay on workers day authors intellect. In text E we also superman youtube essay see the intensifier of very severe added which gives extra emphasis to the feelings of the author. For example the clipping of Blo. In text A we see many forms of long complex sentences as is seen in the opening lines. The lexis also helps show the changing English language. The number homophone of 2day and the characterisation of are commonly seen in present day communication through email and text. Two words parts are moulded together to form a new word. Acronym, g Usually by adding the start of one word and the end of another.

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