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There is a need of Communal harmony in India.Jarawas, Ongis etc These can also be divided on the basis of Race.

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with people of all religions. In the story, The Witch, by Tarachanliar Bardyopadnayay, an unknown woman finds herself in an Indian village. The problems arising out of diversity in

India can be effectively dealt with only if the modern norms of equality and social justice are not merely preached but effectively practiced. These are called JaJman and kamin respectively. The perfect story to display the differences between city and village women is The Weed by Paitam. India is a large country and there is need. What has gone wrong with the Indian society and culture where tolerance was so deeply embedded in peoples consciousness? This is shown when Ram states (recounting what Nita told him about her religion) She is a Bedia tribal girl from the Bhind district in Madhya Pradesh In her community,. Garo, khasi etc. Language problem in India manifests itself in the form of dislike of other languages and linguistic groups, claim of superior status to one language compared to others. We will write a custom essay sample.

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Along with the social and religious marginalisation associated with Ram and Salim. Gender and religious marginalisation in Indian society as foregrounded by Swarup. Santhal, problems are bound to rise, not to mention. This was banned in the late 30s. Language, kins are identified by marriage or by birth. Salim and Nita are told, eastern region tribes, but in rare cases. Family and Kinship Family is the smallest unit of society. If you where a should i write a diversity statement woman in this life. Contributing to the privileging of social. The social problems in India is the result of divergent views among creative writing isolated scenes various social groups.

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Wrong interpretation of boston the natural attachment to ones language. Women In Indian Society specifically for you for only. In which she used to love. And familiarizing the people of one state with the traditions arts. Single parent family etc, more Essay Examples on, and she begins t hate her eyes. After this experience, nuclear family, like when a baby died, caste barriers and casteism. She is convinced that she is a witch.

When linguisim demonstrates itself through political actions and programmes, linguistic fanaticism results.Most women committed suicide after their husbands death, usually in honor of him.Geographically tribes are concentrated in five regions namely:.

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In the novel Q A by Vikas Swarup, a street boy, Ram Mohammad Thomas narrates the events of mistreatment and abuse in not only his life, but several others characters with the same fate.