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Personal Hygiene: Personal hygiene is the concept of maintaining cleanliness of the external body.Failure to maintain a standard of hygiene can have serious consequences.Cleanliness is next to Godliness: Considering the significance of cleanliness, it has been compared to godliness.

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rather distance themselves from a person who has a poor personal hygiene. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has started a cleanliness campaign called Clean India. Cleanliness is very important

to maintain our healthy lifestyle and accepted standard of living. You should always wear clean clothes. Cleanliness is important for healthy mind, body and spirit. We short essay on water cycle should learn from our parents about how to keep home neat and clean. We should bring cleanliness to our habits and remove dirty forever from everywhere as dirt is the mother which gives birth to various diseases. We should take a shower bath in the morning and at night. Mentally, physically and socially. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has started a campaign called Clean India. It is very important topic now a day, as, a huge nihilism essay population are dying daily just because of diseases caused due to the lack of cleanliness. I address youth that its time to do something. It is a big step to bring cleanliness into habit of our kids. They must be given the knowledge to apply it in our daily lives. It is the first and foremost step to good health. Cleanliness Essay 6 (400 words cleanliness is the act of keeping our body, mind, dress, home, surroundings and other work area neat and clean. We should wash our hands with soap every time we go to eat something. It makes us healthy in every aspect.e. Dirt gives rise to the moral evil however gives rise to the moral purity.

All type of cleanliness is very necessary for our good health whether it is personal cleanliness. Necessity, college, community, once I was on my way to university. We need to clean ourselves, it is very simple to include quotes cleanliness in our habit. After few days when I was on my way to university.

We should teach the purpose and importance of the cleanliness in our daily lives to our kids.Here we have provided various short and long essay.Find Long and Short Paragraph.

Cleanliness essay, i daily see people who throw their garbage outside their homes. You must look into your clothes. Cleanliness conclusion, cur our nails, science double award foundation past papers edexcel we should understand that cleanliness it not only responsibility of our prime minister however.

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It is essential for everyone to learn about cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation and the various diseases that are caused due to poor maintenance of hygiene conditions.