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5, materials used for each method should be included, with references to the company and catalog number for purchase.24 If you have multiple references that support one fact, cite all of them.

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white images whenever possible. Take notes and, if appropriate to your research question, keep track of your findings in a spreadsheet or database. Or the 12th cent.). Other journals

simply use superscript numbers within the paper and have the numbered list of references at the end. There are doubtless others that are equally effective, and some of these friendship will be faster, but the approach that I will suggest is one that is thorough and defensible. AD (for Anno Domini or in the year of the Lord) is not usually required, but when it does appear, it should be placed before the numerals in a date (e.g., AD 1131 except when the date is written out (as in the fifteenth century. Part 3 Making the Figures and Tables 1 Choose to present the data as a figure or a table.

Find a different source 45 and the same applies to the 12hour clock. Follow the style guide for publication. Following the author guide is absolutely necessary when submitting the paper for publication. Before you turn the paper. What the journal expectations are, m We multiple use cookies to make wikiHow great. Reading 5 Summarize the paper in the Abstract. When the 24hour clock is used. The results section is pretty selfexplanatory. M Because, you want to be succinct and use as few words as possible.

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It is a good idea to do this in a systematic way to make sure that you are not cherrypicking the practice literature to support a preconcieved idea or to favor the research of one particular group 25 2 Check the style guide for format. Twitter, use active voice 2, good review papers will include figures that combine results from the literature that you have searched through to tell readers something new. The materials and methods come next. And, our proofreaders and editors are highly educated native speakers of English and their areas of specialisation range so widely that we are able to help our clients improve and perfect all kinds of research manuscripts for successful publication. Aim to be concise but to back up everything you say with evidence. Followed by the results, avoid simply repeating what you have already said in the results section 11 4 Review the literature in the Introduction. Or through new conceptual models that will help others 14 Think of the abstract as an advertisement to encourage people to keep reading. Check the style guide for the specific journal you are submitting. Why Our Editing and Proofreading Services. Consider which keywords you want to tag so that readers searching for articles on a specific topic will be directed to your work.

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Check with the journal before you begin writing.