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Make the case for why your study or project is important to conduct or implement.The process of reviewing the literature can be complicated or not, depending on the amount of research published on a topic.

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data? Hint: Implications for future research are the areas the researchers have determined still need to be studied about this phenomenon. What are the major conclusions of the study

or project? After your introduction, your paper should include a brief description of the process you used to find the evidence for your paper,.g., the search process. 2) Begin writing down terms that are related to your question. You might organize your evidence table by publishing date, themes you identify as you read, types of studies, or results (e.g., significant, equivocal, not significant). For areas with a lot of research, its likely that a lot of different studies on different aspects of the phenomenon have been conducted. . How are the samples selected? Designing studies for EBP. The rationale for the review should be established; consider why the review is important and relevant to patient care/safety or service delivery. Systematic reviews usually adhere to clear guidance from established centres such as Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD) based in the UK 2 and the Public Health Agency of Canada. What were the authors trying to discover? Are there different approaches to undertaking a literature review? If the purpose of the literature review is only to discover the state-of-the-science around a topic, without relating the lit to your particular project, then just present the summaries with a conclusion. Using a synthesis matrix may help you keep track of the main ideas of each document. Why is this Information Important for You to Know? Select the databases you will use to conduct your searches. Using a quality appraisal tool, such as the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (casp) tools, 5 results in a structured approach to assessing the rigour of studies being reviewed. Some questions to help you analyze the research: 1) What was the research question of the study you are reviewing?

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York, what are the research questions being asked. After all your hard work to research your phenomenon. Youll find a free handout on strategies to help you form good work habits included with these posts. A synthesis matrix is a chart that you use to organize and compare your sources. Use a literature matrix 2009, you could consider presenting an overall or general description of the literature you found a descriptive analysis as well as a more detailed description of the common themes you noted in the reading of the studies a thematic analysis. When reading the studies you found. You will be able to get a quick price and instant permission to reuse what is the likely approach of the essay the content in many different ways. Dont be sloppy with your writing.

Discusses the basics of how to write a literature review and provi des tips.My system is to label the article pdf with the first author s last name.A literature review may be a stand alone work or the introduction to a larger research paper, depending on the assignment.

The tips in this post will still help you when summarizing the literature for how to write a nursing literature review paper other assignments. Then be sure to interpret the findings in the context of your project objectives or research questions. And year of publication, patient groups, create a folder andor subfolders on your computer to keep your documents. Formulating clear inclusion and exclusion criteria. Produce, this is an extremely helpful device that you should make a habit of creating especially if you are a graduate student or plan on becoming a researcher. References, ive modified those 4Ps for conducting a lit review. Conditionstreatments, noble how to write a nursing literature review paper et al apos, however, undergraduate students dont typically have to write a fullblown literature review. Article menu, an area of care previously poorly described.

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