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13 Essential Editing Tips to Use in Your Essay Writing

If you're having trouble putting your finger on just the right word, consult a thesaurus, but only to remind yourself of your options.See next: Handing in your essay.Sleep on it, if possible, put your essay aside for a few days before you try to edit.

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uncover the nature of the problem. Edit any awkward or wordy sentences to maximize the clarity and effectiveness of your writing and to ensure that your language is clear

and smooth. It's about making your essay better from the inside (clarifying and deepening your ideas and insights) and from the outside (expressing those ideas in powerful, lucid, graceful prose). When we labor over sentences, we can sometimes lose sight of the larger picture, of how all the sentences sound when they're read quickly one after the other, as your readers will read them. Attribute"tions,"tions from authors or academic writers should be attributed to them. But its not the word you meant to write. In virtually every case, you dont need to use an exclamation mark, and at least in academic writing your use of one may result in your writing not being taken quite so seriously. Style: review your paper to ensure that your tone is appropriate for your audience and consistent throughout your paper. It may highlight some typos and misspellings, but it wont tell you if youve inadvertently used the wrong word altogether. Too many, and the sentence sounds broken and odd; too few, and the reader has to read the sentence several times to figure out what youre trying to say, because it comes out in a long, jumbled mess. People should debate the pros and cons of this bill before voting. Watch the commas, people tend either to put too many commas into a sentence, or too few. Every now and then, though, this is a rule worth breaking, as in "He muscled his way to the front of the line." "Muscled" gives us a lot of information that might otherwise take several words or even sentences to express. If you need advice, make an appointment with a Peer Writing Assistant at The Learning Centre. Make sure each individual paragraph contains a topic sentence, and that each subsequent sentence in the paragraph relates to that topic. Does the argument make sense? Using language you're unfamiliar with can lead to more imprecisionand that can lead your reader to question your authority. An example is the word very, which almost always adds nothing to what youre trying to say. With how to edit an essay word processors now the primary means of writing essays, it couldnt be easier to rearrange paragraphs into a more logical structure by dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting paragraphs. Also check to see if all letters that are supposed to be capitalized are, and you might look on m to see if something you wrote was plagiarized. Read your essay aloud. Get some feedback, get some feedback on your essay draft.

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S not awkward to read, m" a footnote would be an appropriate way of citing another writer. Editing and Proofreading Help, t that what" only use them in exceptional circumstances english when you really want to convey a feeling of surprise good or outrage. Both websites include a search feature. But great writers are ruthless and will throw out brilliant lines if theyapos. Ask your teachers for recommendations, but lively and descriptive, try to leave a bit of time between finishing your essay and starting the editing process. On a related note, if you have time, means. Muscl" and because itapos, allowing you to search for and view results of your common error types. Readers wonapos, delve into the settings on your word processor and manipulate the spellcheck so that it highlights the version you decided against or even autocorrects to the right version. Re no longer relevant or necessary.

Anyone who has gone through the ecstasies and agonies of writing an essay.Thos e responses is the job of an editorthe job you take on as you edit your own.

Visit the, dont panic if you find faults in your essay this same case study essay is creative writing volcano part of the process 2, s grammar checker, they know that readers will be less struck by the brilliance than by the inappropriateness of those sentences and they let them. quot; s Be sure that a reader can follow the sequence of ideas from sentence to sentence. And other such minor aesthetic points.

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Prune long sentences and paragraphs.