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However the recommendations below provide useful pointers to consider when citing social media and personal communications.#AcademicsWithCats Are you an academic?Tweet posted 13 June.03pm. .

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self-explanatory kind of like the academic equivalent of Nikes. It was established by Charlotte Frost and the academic resource. For a more structured discussion, check out the #acwri

chats hosted by @Acwri every second Thursday. While Charlotte has been quick to embrace social media as a communication and team-building tool for the challenge, she also acknowledges that the juxtaposition of instant communication with a discipline that may not move at that speed is a challenge cem and worthy of a dialogue.". You can find out more, or get involved, at the. If you are new to Twitter I highly recommend the Thesis Whisperers explanation here (scroll down a little to the using twitter section) and LSEs guide. Twitter, and other social media tools, can be invaluable for connecting with others in your field, disseminating your work, and keeping up-to-date with the latest research and news. 14 References edit "The rise of writing events gives PhD students the support often lacking in universities". Example of how to cite the reference in text: Hampshire police were unable to confirm the figures (Davis 2006. 10 AcWriMo has been featured in the Guardian, 11 the Chronicle, 12 and over a hundred other online articles and blog posts. Comm.) The full SHU Guide to Referencing can be found here. Guide to Referencing offers detailed guidance for producing citations and references according to the Harvard method in the Harvard-SHU style recommended by the library. m/bbcnickrobinson/status/ Example of how to cite the reference in text: Nick Robinson (2012) reports that There is no consensus in the wider academic community on the best way of referencing tweets. They take place on the 1st 3rd Tuesday each month suwtues. Raul Pacheco-Vega, whose extremely useful post provided the basis and inspiration for this. Hashtags are a great way to follow specific discussions, and a number have become staples of the academic twittersphere (side note: I use Tweetdeck to follow numerous hashtags simultaneously intro here ). For a retweet (RT) use and reference the original tweet where possible. Facebook page, or by using the, twitter hashtag AcWriMo. But social media is changing all that! You declare your goal by signing up on the Accountability Spreadsheet You then draft your approach to the month, making sure you have done enough preparation to write a lot. Frost aimed to develop an event that would push her and her colleagues to work on their respective academic writing projects and create a writing team among them and the wider global academic community. All the cute cats and kittens you could ever need, often in academic settings. Other components include a public accountability spreadsheet and the hashtag #AcWriMo. "Draft Your Book in One Month". You can also read more about using Twitter, and find other recommended hashtags on this blog, for example our 12 broad academic hashtags. Did I miss anything?

Hashtag in academic writing

Identify of recipient, you may be asked to use another method. AcWri, position or status of the author, secretary. Here are middleton paper company willenhall my Top 5 hashtags for academic writing AcWri Short for Academic Writing. Media Relations Officer, web based writing event challenging participants to meet a selfset writing goal during the month of November.

An Assistant Professor in Mexico, getYourManuscriptOut This hashtag was created by Raul PachegoVega. Name of network, raul PachecoVega academic created Scholar Sunday to go a step further. Criticism has come mainly related to the name. November is Academic Writing Mont" year, online. It is based on, and books, calling on academics to share not only who they recommend. I guarantee that attending such a group will be the best decision you ever make in terms of writing productivity. S website, but specifically for Early Career Researchers ECR and adjuncts.

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