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Similarly, Iglesias Pecharroman (2006) calculated the average number of citations/paper in the 21 different ISI fields and used this to design a normalisation factor.Although the g- index has not yet attracted much attention or empirical verification, it would seem to be a very useful complement to the h - index.Since Hirsch's first publication of the h - index in 2005 (Hirsch, 2005 this new measure of academic impact has generated a widespread interest.

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included in their h - index will be recent. (2006) Scaling the h-Index for Different Scientific ISI Fields, arXiv:physics/0607224 Podlubny,. The e- index is defined as the square root

of the sum of the excess citations in the papers that contributed to the h - index. Since 1990, papers in the North-American Academy of Management Journal on average have.24 authors, papers in the British Journal of Management.01 authors, and papers in the European Management Journal.84 authors. So we can ask ourselves, Have I published one paper thats been cited at least once? . The importance placed on the journal impact factor, calculated by the average number of citations per article in the previous two years, has led to many journals gaming the system. . Luckily, theres no need to block off your weekend to try to figure out your stats- the computers got you covered (see below). Its essay this frustration that has led many to argue that the evolution of scientific impact will move away from this metric over the coming decade. However, in some cases m might be a useful additional metric to evaluate an academic s achievement. In addition to her academic duties, she also maintains the Journal Quality List and is the driving force behind the popular Publish or Perish software program. However, they do show that comparisons of bibliometric data across fields are generally inappropriate. Publish or Perish also implements an alternative individual h - index that takes a different approach: instead of dividing the total h - index, it first normalizes the number of citations for each paper by dividing the number of citations by the number of authors. Newly elected members in the National Academy of Sciences in Physics and Astronomy in 2005 had a median h - index. Towards a better list of citation superstars: compiling a multidisciplinary list of highly cited researchers, Research Evaluation, vol. Assessing fields, departments, and subjects where research output is typically books or conference proceedings as they are not well represented by databases providing h-indices. The, h-index captures output based on the total number of publications and the total number of citations to those works, providing a focused snapshot of an individuals research performance. The weighting is parametrized; the Publish or Perish implementation uses gamma4 and delta1, like the authors did for their experiments. Cronin,.; Meho,. However, this is not enough. S calculation adjusts the original h - index by dividing it by the mean number of researchers in the h publications. While most of us would agree that its nearly impossible to accurately describe a scientists career with a single number, that doesnt mean metrics that attempt to do so are useless. .

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These papers need to be cited by other academics your in order to count for the h index. Its subsequent citations no longer count. Its citations account four times, assessing the impact of their own publications is preferable to assessing the impact of the journals they publish.

The, h - index captures output based on the total number of publications and the total number of citations to those works, providing a focused snapshot of an individuals research performance.Example: If a researcher has 15 papers, each of which has at least 15 citations, their h - index.The h - index is an author-level metric that attempts to measure both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist or scholar.

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Maksimovic, we should note that m generally does not stabilise until later in ones career and that for junior researchers with low h indices small changes in the h index can lead to large changes. Such as reviews or techniques, vol, the advantage of the h index is that it combines an assessment of both quantity number of papers and quality impact. Obtaining a discussing blonde focused snapshot of a researchers performance.

Example: If a researcher has 15 papers, each of which has at least 15 citations, their h-index.When adjusted for co-authorships the variability is significantly reduced with h I-indices.7-14.8 for Physics and 4-10.3 for Mathematics.Retrieved from 2 Alakangas,.

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However, Hirsch provides a strong caveat: Obviously a single number can never give more than a rough approximation to an individuals multifaceted profile, and many other factors should be considered in combination in evaluating an individual.