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In order to define the term generation gap it refers to the conflict between the opinions, attitudes, lifestyle and the behavior of the younger and the older generations.It is a guarantee of identification anonymity.The differences also appear in some other ways.

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is a universal truth which is applicable to all times be it the past or future. Generation, gap in the community. The gap between the old people

and the young is called the generation gap. The research showed that the main solution to narrowing Generation Gap is to create dialogue between generations (mixed activities). Do you accept the other generations? We will write a custom essay sample on, generation, gap specifically for you for only.38.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Generation Gap specifically for you FOR only.38.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample. Help from the family (Psychologists etc.). The inevitable progress of time and technologies makes the introduction of new ideas, new believes, and new values unavoidable. Family outings, vacations, tours, to picnic-outings, often with the family etc can be effective ways to initiate intimacy between parents and children. Statement of the Problem, generation gap a real problem or just a human figment? What ethnic group do you belong to? In these households only 45 percent of them were adults and 55 percent were youngsters. Reason for Selecting the Area of Research. Yes No Maybe. They revolt when any kind of restrictions are imposed on them. One finds that both are unable to communicate with each other, quite often. Newcomers are racking up high grades despite language barriers, overwhelming poverty, and personal hardship. There is a great divide between the perception of both, the young people and the adults. The best solution in Aberdeen Heights to narrow Generation Gap is to create dialogue between generations. Shakespeare King Lear beautifully depicts this confrontation between the young and the old. They may have dreams theyve sacrificed because they want you to realize yours. Recommendations and Implementation Strategy I would recommend bridging the Generation Gap by motivating young adults to voluntarily teach their older counterparts the essential skills. Do we ever try and understand them? Talking it out calmly and coolly, with the idea of sorting things out, changing for each other and changing for better can be the most helpful instrument in bridging the generation gap. Does the other generation underestimate you? This causes great anxiety to parents and the friction increases between the children and the parents. In India, we are yet in the initial stages, but the gap has appeared and it is going to grow bigger day by day. Value systems have gradually degenerated and the youth is assimilating a new culture.

Method of Investigation, ask your mom or dad, love. Procedure for Data Collection, as the different generations see notions such as marriage. Consequently, it is now destroying family life completely. Too, the difference includes the moral and social values. What problems did they encounter and what feeling did they feel when they were children. It is a fact of life that the generation gap or clash grade 12 life science exam papers and memos 2015 is something that has existed and will continue to exist as long as man exists on this earth. In Aberdeen Heights there are approximately 100 households. However another 10 respectively believe that culture and others are the biggest in their community. The problem arises mainly when parents forget how did they behave. Has grown and intensified due to the rise in complexities of life.

Generation gap exists always.The problems and misunderstandings between parents and their children are more pressing when they live together.Hundreds, thousands of European over the age of 20 still live in their parents home.

Love lives, good cv writing service even the state, it is not restricted to certain parts of the world. Generation gap is not only reflected in the choice of dresses but also in music. Will probably make the older generation much more in tune with speed and give them more time to learn about other aspects of computers than just getting the bare essentials. The result is confused parents who are unable to reconcile with the views of their children. The older people despise the modern values which they call the internet and globalization values. And they hardly read other than light magazines. If you genuinely want to improve your relationship with your parents and give them a big shock in the bargain.

Do you enjoy sharing time with other generations?Are you aware of any generation gap?

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Statement of Findings * The biggest area of Generation Gap in Aberdeen Heights is the family.