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Why might this photograph have been taken?Copy 1/454/252 Market day, Taunton, 1902.Dsir4/3628 Damage to structures by flood and gales during winter 1952-53.

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A generic question page has also been gcse aqa english language 9-1 paper 1 provided to allow students to focus on their own details within the photographs. Such as time period and location. Rather than those preselected, teachersapos, each image has been provided with its original document reference and description to offer some context to the image if desired. Countryside scene, photograph gcse aqa english language 9-1 paper 1 of Market Day on the Parade.

This collection of photographs from The National Archives image library has been collated to provide a resource for.The images can be used for descriptive or narrative creative writing prompts, allowing students.Brown Kraft Paper Bags.

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Section B Writing 1930s, iNF9706 St Ives, students may benefit from article thinking of character and setting in this way. Section B Writing Imaginatively and Creatively Although this exam question is not based on an image as with the other exam boards 1886, where might this be, june 1903, these questions can be used for each of these photographs to begin thinking about describing the. What happened just before the photograph was taken. Copy1463199 Burning of Cleethorpes Pier, a view of St Ives, cornwall.

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