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Dont the parents have a right to protect their children?Criticism of the government or any political minister is a criminal offense here.Freedom is not something that can be touched, seen, felt or reached.

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settle in any part of the country. This means that the people can freely express their views about others as well as the government, political system, policies and

bureaucracy. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law. This can certainly be termed as the misuse of this freedom and must be stopped. India is known as a democratic country in true sense. You trade in your sense for an act. This further affirmed the Freedom of Speech as an undeniable right. Along with having internal freedom, you can experience and be rewarded with freedom. A popular saying goes: Your freedom ends where mine begins. It is also essential to express ones opinion about the political system of the country. Especially with teenagers I have often heard them say Gosh, I really dont have any freedom, my parents are so strict. Downside of Freedom of Speech, while the Freedom of Speech allows an individual to share his thoughts and ideas and contribute towards the betterment of his society and fellow citizens, there are many disadvantages attached to it too. It is not constantly being told what to do and limiting your mind to please others, first give yourself freedom then help others with theirs. The government here has even put restriction on internet usage so that people do not get a chance to express anything via the same. It is only when people have the right to express and speak freely they can raise their voice against anything that goes wrong. (Slavery in America, 2014) They were told that if they worked for seven years, they would earn land and freedom. It forms a part of the Right to Freedom that includes the freedom of speech and expression, right to life and liberty, freedom of movement, freedom of residence, right to practice any profession, freedom to form unions, associations or cooperatives, protection in regard to conviction. Conclusion, freedom of speech empowers the people to share their ideas and bring about positive changes in the society. This makes the people more aware and keeps them updated with the latest happenings from around the world. Kennedy, image Source: t, freedom is the choice to live ones life doing what one essay wants, live where one wants, eat by own choice and learn what ones heart desires. Jarod Kintz said Nothing, Everything, Anything, Something: If you have nothing, then you have everything, because you have the freedom to do anything, without the fear of losing something. The media must also act responsibly and not misuse the Freedom of Speech. Advertisements: Freedom is to ensure respect and not just live free. One cannot kill people, violate laws, smuggle drugs or doing anything detrimental to the society and call it freedom. The people here have the right to information and can give their opinion on anything even the activities of the government. Conclusion, freedom of speech gives the power to raise voice against any kind of injustice happening around. Nothing could push the slaves to changing their negative attitudes to life, except for release from enslavement and long-anticipated freedom. All of us have our own thoughts and ideas of being free. Freedom of Speech and Expression has now formed a part of the international and regional human rights law.

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And love towards freedom, and some one lifted his own hand and touched the others nose. The latter complained, this means that freedom can apply to writing a scholarship essay different aspects of life and freedom is not an absolute term. There were two men setting side by side. A story that I heard in my childhood follow like this. Freedom is based off your view and thought of the value it has to you. No one definition can relate to everything that freedom can mean. The citizens of the country have the following rights. It is considered to be essential for the growth of an individual as well as the society. Under the Right to Freedom in the Indian constitution. Once, but from social perspective, someone once said Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

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There cant be any largescale revolution until theres a personal revolution. Abraham Lincoln once said, on an individual level, it is difficult to argue to Thoreau. While slaves were vainly fighting for expression freedom. Some freedom is specific to the age group that we fall into.

Freedom has certainly no particular definition.This is why right to freedom of speech is an essential right in the democratic nations.

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