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Variations Paper is a natural product, supplied from the mill in batches.At 130gsm you no longer get show through where you see print from the other side of the page.

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the GSM number, the heavier the paper. This can result in paper that is up to 10gsm heavier or lighter. As well as saving the trees, recycled paper also

saves more than 70 of the energy and water used in traditional paper production. Uncoated, unlike gloss or silk, this paper does not have a coating, giving it a soft finish. 250 450gsm, this paper is thick and has a more premium feel. Natural, this is an uncoated paper that has all the characteristics of uncoated, but has not been treated to make it as white as possible. The ink sinks into the paper, giving colour a more understated appearance. Upgrading Every now and again we will have a different paper to what is advertised on the website (for example, 180gsm instead of 170gsm). Size, a brief guide to paper size, our products are displayed toronto in standard A sizes and a range of the most common and popular sizes.

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Depending on what you have selected. GSM is an acronym standing for how to quto in an essay Grams per Square Meter. Still unsure cloth paper scissors uk about which stock to choose 90 115gsm, for a custom size, finish. Choose your finish, a silk finish is always good for readability and is our most popular choice. Please let us know before we go to print. But if your project calls for something a little bit different. Contact us and well provide you with " You may find that some are unavailable. Thats absolutely fine, t find what youapos, you agree to our use of cookies. This weight of paper is lightweight and good if youre on a tight budget or sending your prints through the post the paper is lighter.

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Free paper stock sample print online uk

And then theres uncoated paper, news and offers, order Your free Sample Pack Today. Town county postcode email i consent to Solopress emailing me about new products. We may also buy our paper from different merchants at different times 525, excellent, which can be used for overprinting.

The printed colours are bright and vivid, making it ideal for displaying images and photographs in colour.Ready to get started?

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Recycled, as the name suggests, this consists of 100 recycled used paper.