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Essay 25 (Students country: unknown) In a modern era it is hard to find big cities without any construction.And in line to that they may enforce the restrictions on these designs.

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met prior to Nixon's appointment. Looking first the unique shaped buildings in big cities which decided by the governments. Grammar is a big thing. On one hand, some of

the people hold a thought that bringing building design under government control, will solve multiple problems involved in construction world. I was born and raised in Kolkata, India, though my parents hail from Bangladesh (then Pakistan). Onother side to oppose this argument is the owner s right and freedom. To me, I think when they have money, of course they want to finance for their construction is ok because anyone has money and become rich, all of them want to live in a nice and large houses as what they dream. As a result, if short horror essays the governments took action of controlling the design of urban construction, it would be much safer for both people and the buildings themselves.

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In the light, justice is responsible for making sure the country is taken care of and that all dangers or problems be taken care of as well. Is your service legal, on the other side of this argument it must be remembered that authority of design should only for those who do the finance. To have these buildings placed in a quite manner we need certain rules and regulations and for that government shopping should be the prime controller. First of all, on the one hand,. As every country and area has its unique architectural styles which has been lasting for a long time. We have experts across 40 disciplines.

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The control of the governments does not always come to effect. The hosts of the buildings always don not have rights to design the architectures. Because of this growth, others protest that the financiers of these building constructions should design them unaided as supposed. For instance, compliance with such safety measures not only guarantees the protection of new building but also secures its example residents lives. It is clear that the governments control deprives people of creation and implementation the distinctive ideas of how buildings should look. Nevertheless, samples, where two are rivals in a three party contest such as those which occurred in the 1920s he is usually selected from the party which wins the greatest number of seats. Its revolutionary design rendered by its owner can garner plenty of money that is generated by travelers.

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It is hoped that this can lead to have more interesting and attractive cities around the globe.