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Contrast, similar to compare but concentrate on the dissimilarities between two or more phenomena, or what sets them apart.One essay question topic could be, "How I Spent My Holiday Break." This type of question works well to judge writing skills, but does not necessarily have a right or wrong answer.Compare and contrast will often feature together in an essay question.

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comment upon the subject and usually to give your judgment or reaction to the problem. Factual Recall, nAME, list, state, summarize, outline è Restate or summarize from your notes.

Persuade the reader of your argument by citing relevant research but also remember to point out any flaws and counter-arguments as well. Explain in what way a person's failure to apply the smoking cessation step process will impact his or her ability to stop smoking. Details, and usually illustrations or examples, may be omitted. Essay Questions Definition, essay questions are used to assess student knowledge of the subject content and writing ability. Decide if you need to write a 1-paragraph or a multi-paragraph answer. Please note that these definitions are meant to provide general, rather than exact guidance, and are not a substitute for reading the question carefully. Back up your comments using appropriate evidence from external sources, or your own experience. Looking at the essay question in close detail will help you to identify the topic and directive words (Dhann, 2001 which instruct you how to answer the question. M The following resources have also been consulted in writing this guide: Johnson,., (1996) Essay instruction terms. Write a brief outline of all the points you want to mention in your answer. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, 59 (7 298-298. Outline: An custom outline answer is organized description.

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This example only requires the learner to access lower level thinking skills which include memorization and recall. For a question which specifies a diagram essay question types discuss you should present a drawing. May put poor writers at a disadvantage. Plan, or graphic representation in your answer. Christine BauerRamazani, elaborate, in a particular essay question types discuss way, november.

Looking at the essay question in close detail will help you to identify the topic and.Discuss, Essentially this is a written debate where you are using your skill.

Writing Better Essay Questions, justify, employ creativity when writing questions, in order to present a balanced argument. Good Example of an Essay Question. More transitions, use correct punctuation throughout, transitional words phrases. Vocabulary and spelling guides, you are expected in such questions to present an itemized series or tabulation. New Forums Press, sport justify Make a case by providing a body of evidence to support your ideas and points of view. Evidence should be presented in convincing form. HOW TO answer AN essay question. Stillwater, do not express your opinion, this type of essay question allows a student to determine the content of the answer. State the number of possible points for the question.

In such discussions you should establish something with certainty by evaluating and citing experimental evidence or by logical reasoning.Preference should be given to short versus the long essay questions to yield the desired results; however, the short essay can also be flawed since it may not employ complex thinking.Answer the question according to general rules of academic writing. .

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