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However, pro-drug advocacy groups, who support the use of illegal drugs, are making headlines.What would happen then if the drug was made legal, how many innocent lives would the world lose under the hands of a few hedonistic individuals.Those who have had the privilege to study in public universities here in Kenya will attest to the extent which students abuse the drug which they have ascribed nicknames like weed, bush, kush and is abuse leads to risky behaviors like experimentation with alcohol, other.

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major cities across the world. Legalizing the drug will just increase addiction by making it readily available to the users and tempting non users to engage in its consumption.

They are influencing decision making thru legislation and having a legalized significant impact on the national policy debate here in the United States and in other countries. Some people view punishments as inappropriate and legalizing marijuana why would send the wrong message to the public. The side effects include increased AIDs prevalence, unwanted pregnancies and an increase in the rate of abortions. Additionally, social life is also affected by smoking marijuana. Research has proven smoking marijuana affects health several ways; even though most have been discussed take a look at the following chart, it will help visualize some health issues that are associated with smoking marijuana. Smoking marijuana has been proven to make the youth of this country lazy (Sailer). Innocent lives are lost simply because a few people chose to engage in illegal fetish.

Essay on why marijuana should not be legalized

Physical and social aspects of not legalization marijuana can affect the society in a essay big manner incredible based on moral grounds. But this has not discouraged some people from partaking of the drug and the consequences for this legal disregard is socially and economically catastrophic. And cognitive difficulties all can be associated with the use of marijuana Wilbur. Loss of memory and the effects it has on the nervous system alone should raise concern for the American people. All Americans have their ideas on legalizing marijuana. Leading to loss of memory in the brain.

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Impairs the judgment of the driver and the resultant effect is unnecessary carnage. How many more resources essay on business ethics pdf would we need to assign to treatment rather than focus on other welfare programs meant to make this world a better place. Either in a recreational or medical setting.

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Marijuana is considered to relieve pain, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.